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3 months and still waiting

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by big J, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. boy oh boy, when you give somebody another chance to redeam them selfs it bites you in the ass.when talking to one of dan rineharts[ TASCO ]people to give them another chance, that things were going to change around there, it sure did only not for the better. its been 3 months since ordering fish eyes back in january, and still hav'nt gotten them yet. when i called last monday the girl on the phone said the guy who makes them up was going to have them done tues. and she would ship them out wednesday. well when i called today wanting to know where my eyes were, she told me the guy who makes them didn't come in today. i told her i talk to her the week before and she assured me that the eyes would be shipped out , now she tells me they can't get any help aroud there. after telling her Dan needs to hire some more people, she told me nobody wants to work that, they can't find anyone who needs a job. with all the unemployed out there that seams a little far fetched. Dan take my advice shut the shop down.
  2. srholmes30

    srholmes30 Living each and every day

    I only used them once order was little late,but was told it was in stock?

  3. buckhunter76

    buckhunter76 New Member

    Wow, thanks for the heads up. Looks I wont be using that supplier.
  4. I think I would be canceling my order and buying eyes somewhere else.

  5. ya, i won't be dealing with this company any more, someone else PM me and told me he's been waiting for his order over a month. boy what a way torun a company. i've never recieved anything from the in less than 10 days
  6. troutfisher

    troutfisher New Member

    hi big j,

    same problem here we made a small order degreaser,1fish form,4 sets of eyes.i got the form,degreaser and 1 set of eyes in about 10 days.then after a few weeks and a few calls to tasco i got 1 more set of eyes the girl on the phone told us the guy that makes the eyes was out sick.it took 3 more weeks to get the last 2 sets.it's a shame every thing i have got from them was good quality real nice looking eyes but a hell of a wait.
  7. ya troutfisher, my buddy another taxidermist from our area just put an order in 2 days ago i told him he better not expect to get his order in less than a month.but me i'am still waiting on eyes from January.
  8. fishdude

    fishdude New Member

    I'm at a loss to understand why you would try when there is WASCO, Research, McKenzie, Matuska.......????
  9. cutaway70

    cutaway70 Member

    I ordered a DVD on a thursday and didnt recieve it until the next Friday and I live in the same state. You would think that it would be in stock someone would go to the DVD area pick it out put it in a box and ship same day. It doesnt make any sense. Another order took two weeks to come very small order.
  10. fishdude i use WASCO, mckenzie, van dykes, all the time. Tasco has some nice eyes and some good prices on there supplies, but there owner and whoever runs the place is so dam screwed up they need to get out of the business. they just don't care about there customers.

    DROPPINEM New Member

    WASCO is THE place to get fish stuff!!!!
  12. SVincent84

    SVincent84 New Member

    Ok so for any new people who are looking at this bear in mind that all the previous posts were dated back in 2011!!! I've used TASCO for a ton of orders and LOVE them! I'm in Louisiana so EVERYTHING takes an extra day to get here but that is the price I pay for my own choice of location. I ordered his hide degreaser (3 bottles) and in 4 days it was at my door. My Brother in VA ordered the CAD kit and got it in 3 days! THEN my brother didnt realize that the kit did not include the septum tool (he's a beginner) so he called them up and asked if he over looked it in the box or if they forgot it and the lady on the phone said it's not included in the kit but since he didnt realize it they would over night it to him with the fleshing knife he decided he wanted during the call!!! Now really does that sound like crappy service!!!! I get it that they went through a rough patch but look at the big picture, Vandykes is now part of Mckinzie and so is WASCO, the 2012 catalogs for all 3 are REALLY starting to look just alike. They are really loosing diversity in products and product options. The Second 2 Nature is a GIANT pile of crap, the duck form I ordered was nothing more than a LITTERAL football shaped ball of foam with no pick up points or wing/leg pockets!!! Not to mention they are only 5 hours from my house and it took 2 weeks to get my duck form and wire plus the shipping was double the cost of the product with the giant box containing 90% paper 10% product!

    So yea just sayin TASCO ROCKS!!!
  13. hodx

    hodx Herman Darr

    wow out of nowhere comes this...whats wrong with this picture?
  14. The guy is sucking rineharts butt.
  15. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I've never had any problems with Rinehart either. He even gave me a 30 day net just like I have with McKenzie.
  16. i posted that back in Apil 2011 and havn't ordered from them since, don't know if your Dan's long lost brother or what? since your getting so great of service, i just know it took me over three months to get a set of eyes , and i bet you don't get fish manikins in three or four days because he doesn;t have any made up, he dosen't stock any on the shelfs, he makes them up when you order them and it takes him 3 days just to get to them. Glad your having good luck with them!
  17. Rogerst

    Rogerst Member

    ordered three WT forms, a fish form, several suppy items like blades for scalple and pins on a monday had them on THursday. in North Central Ohio. A wise profesional taxidermist you all love once told me that "every once in a while one gets away from you" maybe your order just fell through cracks............if
  18. Rogerst, Maybe he's changed it just wasn't the facted i got the eyes in three months, it was every order i put in i havn't recieved my supply in anything under 10 days i got so fed up with him after talking with him and him promissing me things were going to change, well maybe he's changed, it sure did take him long enough, maybe i'll give him another chance and try Tasco out one more time.
  19. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Big J,

    Long lost brother of Dan's? Now that's funny. ;D Not a chance though. I have known both Dan and John since they got started in the taxidermy supply business. They are shrewd businessmen but I can't see Dan purposely screwing up an order. It's counterproductive for business.

    Sorry you had a bad experience but somethings things do happen to the best of us. I've even had customers fall through the cracks and I try really really hard to keep up with things. I do know his receptionist was having issues with cancer and perhaps you got her at a bad time and she messed up the order?

    I've had some weird things happen with McKenzie too as in getting a wholesale order that was supposed to be shipped to WASCO, but overall the service is excellent. One bad experience isn't enough to judge an entire company IMHO.
  20. Cecil, Yes i know about the girl with cancer, i talked to her once really nice person i think when i ordered she wasn't there they had someone else taking over for her and thats where i think the problem came in, ive talked to the new girl once and told her that i like there products and there prices and would really like to do Bussiness with them but I can't wait 10 days for my suppy, like i stated earlier maybe they did change and i'll try them again. and i've known john and dan since 1987 when i took a 2 day class in Toledo Ohio.