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Anybody ever use pine acres tannery?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by miker, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. miker

    miker Member

    I'm just looking for some info. Talked to them at the Ohio show. If you have dealt with them just curious how it went. thanks
  2. i've used them ,no problems good stretch, decent shave ,but i prefer East Coast

  3. taxidermygrl08

    taxidermygrl08 New Member

    I used them last year for a few things to see how well they do. Need less to say im using them for everything this year. Great price and excellent work!
  4. Pine Acres Taxidermy & Tannery information?

    Could someone give me contact information and some feedback about this company.
    Jim saw them at the last Ohio show and we're considering changing tanneries. Having
    trouble with return time from company we are using now.
    You can send note here or email me direct.
    [email protected]
  5. wayne70

    wayne70 Member

    I've tried calling them several times and always get a machine.
  6. You will almost always get the answering machine. Leave a message and they will get back to you

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  7. wade66

    wade66 New Member

    Pine Acres is excellent yo deal with and puts out an excellent product, you do need to leave a message but he will return your calls.
  8. Slate Run

    Slate Run Member

    Use them all the time.Ray is a good guy to deal with. Their tans are very good with good stretch and usually around an 8 wk turnaround. When dry hair is clean and soft. Have had no problems what so ever with them. You do have to leave a message but they will get back to you.
  9. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Man I hate this !! ;D Too many people using Pine Acres ! LOL I liked it better when nobody knew of him ;) There goes my return time !! HAHAHA
    But on a serious note, he does do great work and he is located only 25 miles from us.
    To everybody fretting about only getting an answering machine, he is Amish, so he doesnt have a "phone in shop"
    They use a community "phone service" but he is always good at getting back to you.
  10. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    Yup, there goes your turnaround. Shouldn't have given such good reviews! I just recieved my first boxes from them and if they rehydrate and stretch as good as they look dry, I'm sold. I was looking for turnaround, but reliability and qualty still need to come first, and it appears to be so. ALSO---a really cool insulated travel mug to boot! A nice tall one, with their logo. Way cool. Beats a candcy bar I can tell you that! Thanx Heath for the kudo and props to Pine Acres.