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Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by David Patton, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Called up to HQ today to check if they had any citric acid in stock. I have a customer that has travelled from Darlington, SC to have his deer capes fleshed here and he needed enough to make a pickle for 5 capes. Now, in the past I have always had good dealings with HQ and I have passed out their catalogs to newbies coming out of th eTaxidermy course at Johnston Community College. As I waited for the lady to check on the citric stock, I told my customer that he could drive to Raleigh and pick it up. The lady came back on the phone and told me she had 1 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound packages in stock and told me the pricing.

    I told her that I was David Patton from Lonestar Tanerry and I would be sending a man up there to pick it up and she said wait a minute. OK, I waited on hold for about 2 minutes and she came back apologizing for making me wait and then she said:

    WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL ANYTHING TO YOU. What, I said. It isn't for me, it is for the new guy I was sending up there.
    She repeated that she had been told that I could purchase from any of the other supply houses, but not from Head Quarters.

    I don't even buy from HQ unless I see Jeremy and Gene at a taxidermy show. I tried their tanning products once and moved on.

    Needless to say, I won't be referring any new taxidermists from the program at Johnston Community College to them anymore. Or anyone else for that matter.

    They better hope Gene Smith never leaves, that wil be the only good thing they ever had and my whitetail business will follow Gene Smith where ever he ends up.
  2. guess what goes around comes around. Sivko did do a few good things for you like make some disgruntled customers of yours happy and resolve some issues. there's a few still looking for you on here if your interested.

  3. Actually Blaine, the customers that went to Sivko are already back and the customers that Sivko let me tan for them have stuck with me.

    Again, dont get into the Sivko argument. I ended that little fiasco, not them.

    And why are you posting here? I have never had any dealings with you and I have been doing this 6 years now.

    If you knew half of what really went on here through last year you would eat your cap.
  4. the deal between you two I know nothing about and don't care to but there was a time on here that a lot of your issues were forwarded to them and everyone watched it here. Last week or the week before someone was looking for you. between that and what you just posted about HQ it kinda looks like you dug your own hole. just a thought!
  5. Thanks for the thinking material. Let me be clear...I dont buy from HQ, I refer new customers to them. Banning me from buying from them on the telephone is a personal issue with Rick Morgan and I.

    I have done a little digging around this afternoon and that is what I have turned up.

    When things go bad with my customers, they hop on the taxinet and post it. If I do that, the usual suspects begin to show up bringing up my bad start with this tannery. Unknown to most folks is that I am catching up and getting hides back to rightful owners, and turning out fantastic product. You never hear that part of it.

    I have banned some people from doing business with me, but it always is after a court battle.
  6. ok, now I understand the reasoning behind the HQ thing thanks for adding that. as far as your digging I'm sure you are right. I hope you get things worked out taxinet can help you as much or more than it can hurt you its kinda like a phone or email people expect a reply. good luck. and better luck with Rick ::)
  7. HQ

    HQ New Member

    Can this be moved to the taxidermy industry? I think everyone should see this.
  8. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I did a search on David Patton, and I also did a search on Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply.
    I didn't find ANY warnings about Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply.
  9. Never had any dealings with Bob either, but he shows up in many of the threads about bad dealings with me. He is one of the usual suspects I was referring to.

    You want this viewed more. Good. I can go on about how you screwed an entire class at Johnston Community College with your tanning kits that you packaged up in the whitetail kits.

    Every single person in that class lost their whitetail capes and had to replace them and all ya'll did was blame them. It never is your fault is it? Why do you think there are no bad postings on HQ? Because the blame always gets placed on the customer.

    You want names? I have 3 guys who tan with me on a regular basis now because of their experience with HQ tanning products.

    By all means move this post so people can see what kind of tanning kits you are peddling to the taxidermy newbies. No wonder Aubrey's business has taken off.

    Your own employees use Tru-Bond 1000 over your product. What does that tell you Jeremy? One of your best customers that buys over 100 Gene Smith forms every year wouldn't touch your tan after I turned him on to Aubrey's Bear Essential Tanning Supplies.

    What does that tell you?

    Bob Greenwood, you want complaints about HQ? Call me and I will give you telephone numbers you can run down...919-606-4235. I am waiting for your call.
  10. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Hudson, one thing about this site is if you want the truth about track records, all you have to do is a search. Then consider the source.
    BTW, Was I wrong?

    Nope, and I've never dealt with HQ either.

    Don't waste your time waiting by the phone.
  11. I won't, I knew already you wouldn't be able to do it Bob. LOL
  12. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    It's not that I "wouldn't be able to do it" David, I just have no interest to. Like I said, I did a search and I saw what people say.
    You have a problem with them so I wont call you to see what you think. Just like I wont call them just to see what they think about you.
  13. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    BTW You say I've posted on many bad dealings threads about you. I'm sorry, but I just don't remember it. Could you please post the thread/threads where I did?
    I could be wrong, so if you could help me out I'd appreciate it.
  14. Sending PM Bob.

    The focus of this post is on tanning materials for new customers that I send to HQ. You can't mess up citric acid. My customer needed citric acid. After the phone call I told him that if he needed the citric, they had it in stock, but not to use my name up there. He heard the call. He witnessed the conversation as I had the phone on speaker.

    HQ took the opportunity of my call to tell me they wouldn't be selling to me. I was sending the guy up there to Raleigh which is 30 miles from Smithfield. I didn't want him to waste a trip if the citric wasn't in stock.

    I have been up to the tannery and purchased their acid 1 time. I have purchased clay and 1 whitetail form from them. I also purchased Meder eyes and Eppley ears. That is all I have ever purchased. The tan I tried was purchased by another customer and I moved on afterward. The conversation yesterday caught me by the blind side.

    I am giving a true account of my conversation. I wont be sidetracked by people who want to discredit my experience by bringing up my track record. One has nothing to do with the other.

    I have been passing out catalogs from HQ and sending them customers for 2 1/2 seasons now. If they want to ban me, then I will stop doing that. For a new company just getting started in the supply business, that is not good news. I dont care how small a factor I am.

    I found out yesterday that all this stems from a personal conflict with Rick Morgan. Period. He has made his mind up and now I am taking a new posture on how I relate to the new classes of taxidermists and which suppliers I recommend. Raleigh just happens to be the nearest town with a supplier in it. Granite Quarry and Salisbury are now the next closest town I will be recommending to the new guys coming out of school here in Smithfield.

    As anyone knows who will search the record, my tannery is exclusively Knobloch's proven products. I buy taxidermy forms from Wasco, Mckenzie, and Research Mannikens.
  15. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but many of you know that David and I have had our issues. It got rather nasty between us for awhile. However, I am one of those types of guys that will get down in the mud and blood with you if I have to, and then buy you a beer afterwards. Just for the record, David and I's issues are behind us now as far as I am concerned, and I will buy him a beer if we ever do meet in person. I got the skins from David that I was waiting so long on and though there were some issues, after much sewing and piecing things back together, a good mount was able to be produced. I can't speak for anyone else that has had bad dealings with David, but often times it seems we friends stick up for each other, which is a good thing, but just don't want David bashed over something between he and I that has been resolved as far as I'm concerned. Most times it's better to forgive and move on than to harbor ill feelings over something that is done and over with. David apologized to me and I feel he was sincere in it when he did. That's all I can ask for. An apology goes along ways when mistakes are made. We are to forgive one another. We learn and we move forward. I doubt David and I will do business in the future, but the past has been forgotten. Some of my friends here need to know this and let it go also.
  16. I agree Tim. We all know as public record David's past. A victim of his own success along with a very ill wife. I too have been so pissed off at David I could strangle him but I let it pass. Life is too short to stay pissed off for too long. I still beleive he is one of the best tanners in the country. I truly hope you get caught up David and start fresh.
  17. gab

    gab Active Member

    to refuse someones business because of who reccomended them seems a bit rash.
  18. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    I agree. You would think it would have helped the issues between them verses this. Seems rather stupid to me.
  19. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I agree too. I also wish him luck in the future.
    No hard feelings here.
  20. after David clarified the reasoning behind why they refused to sell to him I understood the issue. I have no problem with David and I think as long as he is back on here and moving forward I wish him luck.