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Help! A couple of pelts (lamb, fisher), antlers and etc.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by UnzippedZebra, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I got accepted into a study abroad program in France for a year, so unfortunately I pretty much need to sell all of my stuff to be able to get my passport and visa. ...Let's not even talk about the 1000$ deposit.

    I have:

    Dry tanned Icelandic lamb
    Bought off of mightnightwolfdesign who bought it from PLTannery
    $45 shipped


    Wet Tanned Fisher Cat
    Unfortunately over Winterbreak I accidentally left him out when I brought him back, so he's a little moldy on the inside : \ From searching around here, I believe I saw that this is just a surface condition and shouldn't cause any harm to the hair. Nevertheless I'm going to attempt to get that off, and if still 'presentable'l,
    $75 shipped

    Bear Change out head
    $35 shipped (reasonable price?)


    White tail antlers
    I have 3 pair, varying sizes.
    $25 shipped or could perhaps work out a deal for all 3 pair.

    (I'll get pics of the other pairs)

    Worn mulie sheds
    Have a bit of chewing done on them. I have 2 different antlers... One has my name dremeled into it, but I can dremel that out for you and it could probably be fixed with some epoxy and paint.
    $35 shipped


    Everything is around or just about the same price I paid. If you'd like any more pictures or measurements, let me know.

    I'll do paypal and money orders (if you can send it out in a timely manner c: ).
  2. Esaki Riu Sama

    Esaki Riu Sama Member

    Hello there im interested in the little lamb, it is dry tanned for life size correct? Im really loving the colors of that little guy/girl!

    If you can please send pics to [email protected]

  3. Esaki, that lamb looks just like the one I mounted! lol Would be a cutey mounted up. ;D

  4. Esaki Riu Sama

    Esaki Riu Sama Member

    Thats what i was thinking! Would be adorable! :D