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Buying and Selling Taxidermy

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by kali.coble, May 5, 2011.

  1. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    marsh creek, some years ago I advertised bear rugs in Shotgun News and I had an inquiry form Florida. I knew it was illegal to sell bear stuff IN Fla. as I have a friend who lives there half the year. He's in the "buckskinner" business and had told me that he can't sell bear stuff of any kind at the Pow Wows there. But he can sell out of his other location in another state. I informed the person who inquired about the bear rug and told him, sorry I couldn't sell it to him. He sent me a letter from the Florida Attorney General(apparently a personal friend of his) to the effect that, as long as he purchased the rug from an out of state source and he had proof of that, it was perfectly legal for him to purchase the rug from me.
  2. Southern_Trophy

    Southern_Trophy USMC O.I.F. Veteran OohRah!

    no their not, that's why deer shed them every year.

  3. Antler is bone. It sure as hell ain't horn.
  4. Antler is made up of the same composition as bone. Antlers are solid bone. However it is not "A" bone. It is an antler.
    A bone has a complex internal and external structure, serves multiple functions, and contains many types of tissue not found in antlers.
  5. BWS

    BWS New Member

    Well...call OKC back and ask them for the list of "prohibited" sale or trade items. It does exist..though it will take them a bit to find it.

    You cannot sell: bears, mountain lion, deer bones, deer hooves, blah blah blah (it's on the list)

    If you sell fur bearing animals, you will need a fur dealers license...yes, even for mounted/tanned animals. (unless it is a taxidermy item which was never picked up...but even then you can only sell without a license to another ok resident)

    There are quite a bit of animals and regulations on the list...and once you break a state law by selling it to someone in another state, you are also in violation of a federal law as well....and the fines and such are quite stiff.

    Coming from someone who has done quite a bit of selling from Oklahoma....your local warden does not have this information on prohibited sales, only the main dept. Get and keep a copy at hand...once you advertise online it is out there for the world to see, make sure it's 100% legal before you even list it!
  6. marshy creek

    marshy creek New Member

    BWS....very well said.....almost all indigenous species of the US fall into some legal guidelines either within state or federal laws.......legally acquired, non migratory animals are protected from monetary gain in one form or the other.....this has no bearing on the actual protection of a species, but an ATM for state and Federal agencies....a large percentage of the items listed in the for sale section, are open to violate both state and federal laws.....most African game, that doesn't fall under Appendix I or II, are legal to sell since they have already been deemed cleared by both Customs, USDA, and USF&G upon entry into the US....there are federal agents on this site right now, two I know for sure that are looking to make some buyers and sellers, into a major science project....everyone who buys and sells should know the laws before ever listing on a public site......this is a very regulated industry, and finding the correct information can be daunting....however, if you don't know 100% that what you are buying and selling, don't do it.....you are opening yourself up for a nightmare....my replys to this thread come from a very expensive experience