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Can't Mount On Wall

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by golfingguy27, May 6, 2011.

  1. golfingguy27

    golfingguy27 New Member

    Hello all,
    This is my first post here. I just got into hunting last year at an older age than most (34), but I had a great first year. Anyway, my first ever buck should be coming back from the taxidermist very shortly. It will be a shoulder mount in the semi sneak position. My question is this. I rent where I live and don't think my landlord would appreciate me putting holes in the wall to mount the deer to. I want to put the mount over my couch which is against the wall. I am thinking I might make some sort of a stand to mount the deer to, that would go between the wall and the couch, and have "feet" on the bottom, then doing some sort of habitat to hide the stand. Do any of you have any thoughts or input on this? Maybe any pictures of something similar? I am thinking possibly of finding some old barn/fence wood and making a section of fence to go on the wall and then look like he has his head through the fence. Although he was killed in the woods and not in a field, so I may want to do more of a tree type look... Anyway, any input on this would be greatly appreciated. I am dieing to get my first ever mount back. So excited to see it and get it mounted in my place! Thanks in advance for any input.

  2. D.Price

    D.Price Well-Known Member

    Put him on a pedestal. You should have discussed this with your taxidermist when you were deciding how you wanted him mounted.

  3. golfingguy27

    golfingguy27 New Member

    I discussed that option with the taxidermist. I don't really want a pedastal. I don't have a spot in a my place that a pedastal would work very well. I want it above my couch as I talked about. I just can't put holes in the wall.
  4. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Well if ya cant put it on the wall and you dont have room for a pedestal behind your couch watcha gonna due, Let it float in the air. D. Price gave you the way to do it and you shot that down. Well I personally dont even have a clue of any other way. Good Luck.
  5. golfingguy27

    golfingguy27 New Member

    hhmm.. maybe I made a mistake by registering for this forum. I don't need answers like "what ya going to do, let it float in air?".. there are ways to make it work, and that is what I am looking for. A pedsatal is not the answer. A pedsatal is not designed to go behind a couch, it is meant to be free standing in the middle of the room. What I am talking about is making a stand with feet that go under the couch and a bar or two that stick up from behind the couch to mount the deer to, and then hide the bars with some sort of habitat. I guess I will be on my own if the typical poster here is just out to make smart comments.
  6. If you can weld, build two legs out of 2x1/2" tube and another that goes up the wall and the you can we'll some small angle iron on both top and bottom off both sides and use some barn wood to screw to the angle iron and you have a barn wall to hang your mount. Just make sure that your legs are long enough and wide enough to support the weight of you mount
  7. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    All it takes is one single nail to hang a deer on.... You cant tell me you cant hang a single picture on the walls??? Set your nail into a stud... hang your deer... When you move out take a bit of spackle and shove in the hole when you remove the nail...
  8. Glue some sections of PVC pipe together for a stand with legs. Paint it camo color and screw a few branches on it for habitat.

  9. x2
  10. How close is the couch to the wall?
    Sounds like you already have some ideas.
    Maybe find an old fence post or a small tree lag to a base and sandwich between the couch and wall for support
    The base will be hidden by the couch so you could have someone weld you something shaped like a T.
    Maybe even weld some square tubing to it for a post then hollow out the back of your post big enough for the tube.
  11. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Golfing, if these folks were that bad I would come in as the moderator and edit. But, you got what you asked for, if you were listening. YOU said you were not hanging it, and YOU said something about a stand for it behind the couch, feet, yada yada. DPrice is a very experienced taxidermist who walked you through using YOUR idea. Based on some of your comments, Id wager you know more than you are letting on, another common practice in here lately.

    A pedestal IS a stand that holds up the mount just like a wall. If your taxidermist was experienced and you really did go over this with him, he wouldve told you about an upright pedestal stand with a modest "foot" as a base to support the upright stand, with a simple panel on top that your head easily could screw to. All of this would fit behind that couch you mentioned. (Note...put it in a corner instead, mounts behind couchs get bumped)

    Whether youre new here or experienced, dont come to OUR site with that hurt puppy pretense so many new members are bringing here lately. You asked for free advice that you basically already had your idea for, and then got pissy with the answers you got. Personally, Id love to see how some of you deal with your co-workers and the general public, if you consider us mean here.
  12. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Hang the darn thing on your wall and when you leave get some plaster and fill the freakin hole.
    Seriously, you had to come on a taxidermy website to ask this question, and then when you don't get the miracle answer you want you get upset because people state the obvious? Wow.
    Maybe you should of gone to a dry wall forum instead. lol
  13. revolutionMan

    revolutionMan New Member

    Calling Bob Vila Calling Bob Vila!!!!!!!!!! :'(
  14. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    Get your self a metal rod bend it weld a mounting tab at one end a base of some kind for the floor and paint it; your mount will project over a couch or corner table some what like a lamp. just my idea.
  15. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    What Redwolf said. It's that simple!
  16. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.


    With all the options you dismissed, floating it in air doesn't seem that far fetched. If you're going to have to build a freakin fake wall behind your couch , then you may as well use the single nail and repair the hole when you move out.
  17. Save a trip to Home Depot and dap toothpaste to cover holes, not that I eve done that! I read it on the internet.
  18. Can you imagine living in a house with nothing on the walls??? bet that looks real homey.
  19. Sounds like you havent even asked? Are you just assuming he will say no?
    How about just asking your Landlord if he minds??? I am a landlord myself, and I expect that people will hang stuff up and make it look like a home.
  20. golfingguy27

    golfingguy27 New Member

    Well, thank you VERY much to everybody who offered constructive answers. They are greatly appreciated. I am truly new to hunting and taxidermy. I have no reason to come here and play dumb as it was implied. I asked the question because I want to make my first mount as unique and pleasant to look at as possible without having to damage a wall in my apartment. I also assumed that the mount would be heavier than what a single nail could hold. (I don't have the mount back yet and have never held one to see how heavy they are.) If one nail will hold it, and I can find a stud behind where I would like to hang it, I may go that route, but I wouldn't be so lucky to have a stud exactly centered behind my couch. I didn't come here looking to cause drama, and definitely wasn't looking for a bunch of sarcastic answers. I have many hobbies, and am on forums for just about all of them. When I post questions on those, people go out of their way to help somebody out that is interested in the same thing as they are. I guess I was assuming it would be the same here, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, thanks to those of you who took the time to offer a constructive response. I have ideas of what I plan to do. I come on to forums for my hobbies to have fun, not to cause drama or get a hard time. That being said, we will see if I come back here to see if I enjoy my next visit.