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Franchi 20 Gauge for ER Fund !!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by SFavour, May 10, 2011.

  1. As some of you may or may not know the ER fund is still up and running but it needs some help with all the flooding and tornado's down south we have gone thru most of the funds we had in reserve. At the beginning of the year we had $2650.00 in the fund now there is about $275.00 and I still get calls each day for help some only need the cost of a hotel room and others rebuilding help. I still get a lot of calls because I was involved with the TERF fund raiser's that still show up on the internet.

    So to help boost the fund I have put up for sale one of my favorite Quail and Dove guns I have also used it for Pheasant and Chuker.

    Benelli Franchi Veloce Used very little over the last 3 years in Excellent condition comes with a canvas and leather hard case two Trulock chokes plus all factory chokes, Gun is inlaid grade II and engraved 20 gauge 2 3/4 & 3 inch shells.

    The gun and case value is around $3000.00.

    The gun will sell for $1200.00 includes shipping in the USA gun must be shipped to a FFL holder or gun shop.


  2. dktaxidermy

    dktaxidermy I'm on top of the dirt; how bad can it be?

    Damn!! that is what i call cheerful giving. good luck, Steve.

    how else can someone help?


  3. Any donations would help from $20.00 to whatever or items for sale or auction. Every one we have helped so far have mainly needed food shelter and clothing so some have only asked for enough to get them by so the money has gone a little farther than normal.
  4. Thanks Jim for your $50.00 donation.
  5. gab

    gab Active Member

    could you post an adress to mail checks to?
  6. ER Fund
    c/o Steve Favour
    5440 E. Commerce Ave.
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004

    Thanks Gab.
  7. steve, i am new to this site and don't exactly know what this er fund is. could you explain a little. thanks

  8. Shane,

    The ER fund was setup to help Taxidermist's and their families in time of need over the last couple of years the money raised and donated has helped every where from a bag of groceries to rebuilding shops that have been wiped out by natural disasters. The money is donated on a need basis there are no set rules just a phone call and me checking up if the person is really a Taxidermist. The NTA has a similar fund called TERF but they have a little more money available than we do right now that fund is also supported by Taxidermist's donations.

    Usually the fund pretty much caries it's self with donations from many of the members here on Taxi. Net and around the US but with all the bad weather down South and Fires in Texas and other states we have been hit a little harder that is why I put up this shotgun and have some other items coming up to help replenish the Fund.
  9. franchi612

    franchi612 New Member

    That's a heck of a gun. Why do I have to be broke :(
  10. dktaxidermy

    dktaxidermy I'm on top of the dirt; how bad can it be?

    if you ever used a Franchi you never forget it. next to the Ljutic i had the franchi was my favorite.

  11. gab

    gab Active Member

    you're welcome
  12. Thank you Steve for the explanation. It sounds like great fund to help hard working people out in their time of need. I will definitely keep it in mind on when I have a project or item to sell. Have you guys thought about adding one dollar to all your mounts in a year and giving that to the fund? If even half the people did that and with all the mounts u guys do in a year it may make a difference. Just a thought. Thanks again