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Shipping Mounts AFTER the World Show

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Larry Blomquist, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Larry Blomquist

    Larry Blomquist New Member

    As you can imagine, things have been extremely busy preparing for the World Shows, but Kathy told me that I needed to check the T-net and respond to the shipping questions.

    First, we must stay with our schedule for releasing mounts. In extreme cases - emergencies - we will bend rules, but as you know, when you do it for one, why not for all. I think Amy has a viable plan, but Nancy is right that it may be difficult for others. We will arrange for shipping for competitors (and for vendors) who cannot do it themselves on Saturday afternoon. Check with Anne Stewart at our registration desk for details. Basically, GES, an exposition company we have contracted with, will take your boxed-and-crated-and-addressed mount to the GES warehouse, where it will be picked up Monday by UPS and shipped to you. GES will charge us for moving and storing the package, which should average about $20 per item, depending on weight. You will leave us your credit card number and expiration date to apply the GES and UPS charges once we know them. I hope this helps your questions on shipping after the show.

    Taking it to the UPS office yourself Saturday afternoon with the help of someone with a truck (Amy's way) is by far the best and cheapest way. There should be plenty of people around to help those without trucks --don't be afraid to ask.

    Larry Blomquist