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WT measurement most common?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Pashedjunky, May 13, 2011.

  1. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I just did one that was 7-1/2 x 21. Another one was 7-5/8 x 22. The next one I'm working is 7x19. What does it matter?
  2. 7x18 here

  3. I hear ya Ron, a good mature buck has a tough time making 150 lb on the hoof. Aside from being plentiful, they are beautiful deer. I get animals from all over. Here in FL like Ron it's 6 1/2- 6 3/4 x 17. GA deer avg 7 x 18- 19 , Midwest 71/4- 71/2 x 19-21 . Northern states 73/4 x 20- 23. Just avg I have seen.
  4. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    Where are all the corn fed bucks? I have no idea what our deer weigh, but yes the average is 7 1/2 x 21 to 22. I just did a batch of six and three were 8 x 25, but that was unusual. I typically only see one or two a year that large.

    I will also add that I have only done one with under a 20" neck for a few years.
  5. Dan

    Dan One Year Old Already!

    7 1/4" x 18-19"
  6. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    Here in the piedmont of N.C. id have to say 7-712 x 18-20 ish. some 63/4 x 16-17 also. the biggest from here for me were all in the 21 inch range. everything big i took in was from kentucky ohio or kansas. Those deer are huge in my opinion!! 22-24 inch necks! I dont think there is any deer better looking than a 6 3/4 x 20 mounted on an 8600 with one ear back. most of what i get have the longer souther snouts!................7x19 id say for average
  7. AUplantman

    AUplantman New Member

    7x20 is the size I get the most of, 7.25x21 would be second
  8. tmoos111

    tmoos111 Member

    I just ordered 5 forms 71/4x22, 2-71/2x23, 7x19,and 1 big guy 8x24. I would say my average is 71/2x 21. but my tape is probably wrong according to George after all Kansas doesn't grow verybig deer.