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THANK YOU so MUCH Texas Taxidermy Association!!!!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by michael p., May 16, 2011.

  1. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Last year during the Texas Show the members of the Texas Taxidermy Association put together a seminar that was scheduled for this past weekend with the money going towards helping Harry & I get the transplant together.

    I cannot express the sincere gratitude I feel!! Not only has the association helped in this instance, they have helped my work and professionalism develop under their influence.

    I know a lot of people ask if they should become members of their state association and I say YES!! Mingling amongst peers with the same goals as you can only do one thing, help you!

    I saw one of the most beautiful antelope mounts I have ever seen come together, I saw finishing tecniques that have changed my style for now on, I learned about some of my flaws in mounting whitetail and I saw a way to prefinish the interior of the nose that I have never seen done before in all my years and has changed my approach to that part of the anatomy....................and I wasn't even part of the seminar!!! I can only imagine what the others learned!! LOL

    I would like to personally thank James & Linda Poerner who opened not only their Taxidermy Studio, but also their home to all of us. Dr. Dan Mcbride, I do not know where he gets his energy and talent from......but it is amazing! Roy & Marie Holdridge.....you two are an amazing couple and a true gift to the association! Jet Smith......Jet literally has talent on loan from GOD! Will & Julie Smiley.....don't wobble Will, don't wobble! :) Jeff "You Shoulda Seen That Mans Horse Hunter!", Al "I'm A Cotton Picker" Crisp, Jeff "Let's Getter Done" Busher and Shane "Big D" davenport.......THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! AND A BIG THANK YOU TO THE REST OF THE MEMBERS FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN!

    To anybody who's been holding out on attending Texas' show or joining the association, don't delay, do it now. It's the best one in the lower 48!

    Michael P. schlabach
  2. boxerpet

    boxerpet Harry Paulson-grateful

    I can only underline everything that Michael P has said.I sincerely owe my life to people like Michael and all the members of your great association.
    I had the opportunity of judging your show many years ago and remember how welcomed you all made me feel. Mr. Provinzono ,the great bird taxidermist was a friend of mine and I miss him and his great talent.
    Please accept my sincere thanks to a great bunch of people.
    Harry Paulson

  3. shane d

    shane d New Member

    Michael was right so much tallent in one room. Great opportunity. Great bunch of folks to be around . thanks everyboby involved on making this a awesome time.. Special thanks to michael p for the great cooking and lets not forget the icecream. Michael even had time to put on a rock seminar. You are one generous and giving person . thanks again everybody. shane d.
  4. artwildcreate

    artwildcreate Don't look at me.....

    Awesome stuff!