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Tree Duck Rederence Pictures

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Desert Wings, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Would anyone have or know where I can some find close-up, detailed pictures of Fulvous, Whiteface, and Blackbellied Tree Ducks. I have been commissioned to do a piece with the three species and I would like to find the best detail for the bill as well as the feet/legs. Thank you for your assistance...Dan
  2. Michael Pelc

    Michael Pelc Guest


    We produced a number of wildlife artist reference videos (VHS) for both two and three dimensional artists. Most are close to 2 hrs. in length. On one of these, the Divers/Whistling Ducks of North America, there are two of the whistling ducks you mention . . . the Fulvous and the Black-bellied. At that time we did have White-faced (which can be seen over my shoulder in the introduction) but did not include them as they are not native to the U.S.

    This video does use macro close-ups on the eyes, bills, toes, and tarsus for each species represented, so the imaged viewed will fill the viewing screen, and then some. We are in the planning stages of making these available on an updated DVD version, but this is not likely within the next year or so.

    The VHS reference videos are available through McKenzie Taxidermy Supply, or WASCO.

    I may suggest that you acquire artificial bills of the desired species as they will give a three dimensional perspective not available on reference images.

    Also, at this time of year, waterfowl breeders may have captive breed birds available that you might be able to purchase as whole frozen. The whistling ducks do not have an eclipse plumage as most North American waterfowl do, so there may be some well plumaged birds available. Depending upon the medium and realism you seek, if you should desire to get birds, attempt to acquire two year olds or older . . . the coloration is much better. These birds would be available from $45.00/pair and possibly up to 100-200 dollars for a single, two year old bird. If this is a course you would like to pursue, I may be able to locate some breeders for you.

    You didn’t mention your relationship to the taxidermy field, so taking this into consideration . . . it is illegal to purchase, trade or barter for hunted migratory waterfowl (They can be gifted to you legally, as long is there is no exchanges, implied or actual).


    Pelc Wildlife Arts

    [email protected]

  3. Thank You Michael...I'll be on the phone to order one within the next couple minutes...BTW, the birds that were brought in to me for this project are all two and three year old, non-pinioned birds which is why I would like as much detail as possible. Thank you again for your help...Dan