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Newbie, BEGINNER special

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by lone coyote, May 18, 2011.

  1. througout the years, I have met many MANY taxidermists, all have offered advice and ieven have sent me things to use and practice with, patches, extra feet etc.
    The list of great taxidermists on here is a long and staggering one.
    in this economy and attitudes in America it is GREAT to see people want to "Pay-it-forward. That means give and let it come around back to you.
    Today I had the man in the drive thru ahead of me pay for my food ! and just drive off , leaving me a free meal and no one to thank , I decided I would pass the good deed along

    Heres whats happening.
    My ex husband was in Lvov Ukraine and got some true Russian / European boars, from the hungary side of the border. He skinned salted dried and at great expence shipped 5 back to the USA last year. Last month again he want and brough 7 monster hogs back.
    We Tanned them all, turned and fleshed and ears done ready for mount.
    These were all tanned in Krowtan, and softened with Krow-oil.
    Litterally put them on a form and card the ears, your done

    I remember when I was starting in the 80's I couldnt find tanned hides and capes to practice on.

    I really want this to go to a "newbie beginner", some one who needs practice putting up a cape, facial features etc on a shoulder mount. I will make myself and my Ex husband available to help a newbie get a quality mount from this cape, Ill walk you through it by phone if nessesary !

    I am offering
    1 Pure blood Russian boar cape
    its not huge 6 1/2 nose to eye, 24 inch neck(3 in behind ears
    it will fit WASCO RB450, RB452, RB453, RB454,and RB455 head forms PERFECTLY
    AGAIN I want this to go to a newbie
    it is Black with the typical red guard hairs of a true Russian
    it is cut long and currently frozen
    There are some thin spots in the chest and pos a couple skinning nicks
    BUT a VERY NICE and EASY to mount Cape

    it is COMPLETELY fleshed, turned , the ears are done and it is tanned and softened
    Generally I get $125-$150 for a hide done like this
    BUT Im charging
    you pay JUST the $30 shipping to you

    I prefer paypal
    [email protected]
    803 280-0223
    God Bless and pay it forward
  2. That is awsome for what you are doing!

  3. agreed...It's nice to see someone spread the love!
  4. lizzpalmer

    lizzpalmer New Member

    Hi I am a beginner. Just finished taxidermy school last month and have not been able to afford things to practice on before I open my shop here in Vermont. I would LOVE to work on this! I'd really appreciate it! My address for shipping is Lizz Palmer 431 Elm Street, Chester, VT 05143. If you email me an invoice to [email protected] I can pay it. Thank you sooo much. Please let me know that no one has beat me to it ... I always seem to miss out! Thanks again Lizz
  5. jhunt2

    jhunt2 New Member

    I'm new. I took a class at my high school and all under my bely : 3 pheasents, 1 squirrel, 1 life size raccoon, and 2 fish. Also I am currently working on a life size grey fox I want to finsh once im not so busy with classes. If you still have it that would be awesome!
  6. brelo

    brelo Winchester

  7. Thank you for all the responce, its going to a newbie and Im exited, Ill try and inventory what we have extra and poste something else soon !

  8. Rurouna

    Rurouna Aspiring Beginner Taxidermist | Pelt Enthusiast

    Hello, I figured I'd post here myself... Not that I want to take this chance away from other beginners out there, but I figured it would be alright if I added my name to the cache too. I'm an aspiring student you could say, and I'm in the process of attempting to convince my family to let me go to a taxidermy school. So far I'm teaching myself and with advice of some fantastic taxidermists here, and the kindness I was shown on this site. I think it's a fantastic thing that you are doing here, and if I'm even considered I take it as a great honor. Thank you so much, and I'm sure the person who receives this will be forever grateful and never forget the kindness you've shown. :D
    I would love it if I was chosen, and can pay upfront for the shipping. Though in the end the decision is yours!
    Congratulations to who got this!

  9. RIO

    RIO New Member

    Would love a chance at a boar. Just recently out of taxidermy school and would take anything to practice on. Very nice of you to offer.