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Elk European Head Mount, Need Advise For Getting Bone White Color

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by bearlake14063, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. bearlake14063

    bearlake14063 New Member

    Have been soaking/boiling a 7X7 Elk head for a European Mount, and Sal Soda just isn't giving me the bone white color I get when doing White Tails. I have thought about soaking in Peroxide, but the cost would almost be prohibitive. How about bleach, if so, how much do you use??????

    Anyone out there help, have to complete by 3/31/07 Thanks in advance for any consideration extended,

    Bob Setlock- Bear Lake Nature Art, Fredonia, NY

    THARRIS Member

    Soak in 40% peroxide, or you may have to paint it.

  3. C Ertle

    C Ertle New Member

    I agree, Peroxide and stick it out in the sunshine or paint it.

    I think Sal soda is nothing more than Sodium Carbonate but I may be wrong about that. It is useful in removing the flesh from the bone but not in whitening (unless there is something in Sal Soda that is not in Sodium Carbonate).
  4. Turkey Creek

    Turkey Creek Member

    Either buy the "Basic White" bleaching kit from a supplier or if you have a local beauty shop supplier you can save the shipping. It is two parts, peroxide and the powder bleach, mix the two into a paste consistency and brush onto the cleaned skull. Let it set overnight and presto!! A white skull.

  5. Mike108

    Mike108 Guest

  6. U can also add some borax to your soda ash , and boil it. Then make a paste with basic white and 40 percent peroxide. paint it on and let it sit overnight. Works wonders
  7. RStanton

    RStanton New Member

    Sounds like someone didn't charge enough and now someone else is gonna get a substandard product.
  8. bearlake14063

    bearlake14063 New Member

    Thank you all for passing on the valuable information.Cloth pieces soaked in Peroxide and occasionally replenished for a few hours has given me the result I wanted to achieve. My usual method is adding Sal Soda along with several boxes of Baking Soda, and I usually get the color I want. In my 53 years experience as a Taxidermist, I have had few requests if any over the years for European Style mounts, however now, more and more sportsmen are going in that direction, as a cost wise measure.

    To Mr. R Stanton, a Silver Member who replied so negatively, needs to grow up, and become more of a people person in life.The mount is a freebe for my church Pastor, who will be Baptizing my new Grand Daughter this Saturday!. And Mr. Stanton, I do not release substandard work from my shop, as attested by my many National NTA Awards, and trophies won in over 4 decades of commercial taxidermy.
  9. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey


    If you can get some of this stuff today at Sally's, it is a good one day whitener. I pour it all over the skull, down the sinuses, and into the brain cavity. Wrap skull in saran wrap and place in direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Remove saran wrap, rinse off, and allow to remain in sunlight til dry. I really like the results of this stuff. I've used it on dozens of skulls lately.
  10. RStanton

    RStanton New Member


    If you and your client are happy, it's none of my business. However, like you said, european mounts are growing in popularity. The level of quality that was acceptable 53 years ago is sub-par by today's standards, and no one calling themselves a professional has any business boiling skulls...

    Even if it is a favor or a gift, the standard of quality should not be sacrificed.
  11. I guess I must have missed something. What does boiling a skull have to do with being or not being a professional?
  12. bigrubs07

    bigrubs07 October 26,2007 148 gross P/Y points, 230lbs FD

    I agree with Durbinstaxidermy
  13. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I do cook mine off and I will put mine against yours ANY day of the week!! bearlake14063 came on this site looking for answers, not a smart ass. Maybe if you would show some respect to your elders, you will recieve respect from members later on......right now all bets are off.

    I cook every damn one of my europeans.....with the excetion of sheep & long horns, I cook the skull, not horns.

    This is my work below, if you can post a better looking product then mine....try it....my bet is you can't!

    Experience is a bitch when you don't know what you're talking about.

    bearlake14063, call me 979-966-9853 & I will explain in detail how to make short work of that skull. Please excuse the younger generation that posted above, there are more of us than them that still respect our older generation & appreciate the fact that you did Taxidermy when it wasn't cool or snap together.


    Simmered & macerated






  14. Michael P, great looking mounts. Man you beat me to the punch. I couldnt have said it better.
  15. Well said Michael P. and thanks for sicking up for us older guys, beautiful euros.
  16. Mike108

    Mike108 Guest

    Skulls look good Mike, especially for boiling them! I might give you a call to get a few pointers...lol
  17. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Call me anytime. That kinda crap really pisses me off though, no reason to disrepect a fellow especially somebody with that many years under their belt.

    You know though, maybe the kids just jealous ;)

    and now for Rstantons merits

    So much for Mr. KNOW IT ALL :-*
  18. Outback 33

    Outback 33 U.S.A.

    Michael p.
    Very Nice mounts.
    Can I ask where do you get your wood for your Europeans?