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Question of the week #3-price

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by michael p., May 24, 2011.

  1. Dave H

    Dave H New Member

    Most on here say that the amount paid is directly related to the quality of the mount you get back. Everyone says how much they charge but I don't see any pictures of their work.

    Price is not always an indication of quality.

    My price is lower than it should be, I do make pretty good money, but the amount of work I'm taking in is just too much. i am keeping up, but I have to stay on it all the time. Next year i am going to raise my price and hope that it cuts back on the numbers.

    If I raise my price I will be higher than anyone that I know of around here, and I am still going to be a long ways from $500.There are two other guys with in 15 miles of me that take in 150 to 200 Deer a year each and they are less than me now. They have both been in business for over 30 years at both places, I can't believe that this area will support prices much higher than theirs, but we will see.

    sorry bill i just could help myself.
  2. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    I was in the same boat last year, I actually took in more more then the year before for 2 reasons. First, previous customers are loyal and will return as well as refer you and I made a website. I took in 55 pieces this year, just a bit more then I want as a part time guy. 35% of that work came in from the website. Best $12. a month ive ever spent. Its generic and a bit boring to look at but in todays age with the internet everyone googles everything. I come up in every local search.

  3. mossy923

    mossy923 New Member

    Buckfeverallyear said it all in my book. I charge $375 on my mounts, why because I do it because I injoy doing it,
    ( I dont do it for a living) the price is in the middle of the guys around me in my area. Do I have a 400-450 mount I think so. I seen lower end mounts and yes I had to fix some of them. I dont avertise, I am just by word of mouth. If I get more then 15 mounts I push them to the next guy. If I know its a kids first buck ever killed, HELL yes I give him a awsome deal, because I can. I enjoy every minute of it, even setting on this computer learning from the best.
  4. WFT

    WFT New Member

    First off alot of sportsmen are dumb and here's why. They will spend thousands on leases, hunts, four wheelers, travel, food, gas, hunting clothes, and accessories...Then when it comes to preserving their trophy most are tight a$$e$. Some of you guys are very fortunate to charge $450 and up but you move to North Georgia and quote a price like that and you will get maybe 20 deer a year, and all 20 will be guys that hunt out of state. Every local in this area would laugh you all the way to Maine if they heard a price like that. Reason being alot of the deer harvested around here personally I wouldnt bother getting out of bed for. Certain areas ofhe country just will not accept the fact that our prices need to increase until some of the hack shop guys and retirees stop the $275 dollar garage sale mount pricing and get out of the business so the next generation can get things back on track. JMO
  5. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    If you do not do it for a living then why not show respect to those who do do it full time and charge THEIR PRICE?!

    That is the ONLY excuse that chaps my ****ing ass!! You have people who have dedicated their LIVES to this industry and then somebody goes "oh I dont need the money, let me charge less"....you cheapen the entire ****ing industry when you do that.

    We have people who spend their entire lives tryin g to make this industry "Professional" and then comes along somebody saying "i'll just charge less than them guys busting their ass so I can brag to everybody that i'm a Taxidermist!

    I swear, what a slap in the face to every step of progress this industry made......that is the definition of CUT THROAT!
  6. artwildcreate

    artwildcreate Don't look at me.....

    I can't remember who said it in a business seminar, but he said that we need the low price guys so that the cheapskate customers have a place to go so that we don't have to deal with them...
  7. mossy923

    mossy923 New Member

    I am not thinking your way, you do have your opinion ( we all do). But I will take your advise and think about it. I am not here to cut anyones throat. I just enjoy what I do.
  8. highlander

    highlander "There can be only One"

    Amen. WHY would you guys that charge less or practice taxidermy part time justify your price as i ENJOY doing it???? If you were on your regular job and were asked to work overtime you would expect time and a half, so when your doing taxidermy on your own time (taking time away from family or other pleasures) think of making less money. YOU should be charging more than me. I enjoy taxidermy but i do it for a LIVING. It is a slap in the face each time a new customer comes in and ask me why the guy up the road charges so much less and if i can give them a break. The power company or bank has never gave me a BREAK or DISCOUNT on my payments. I tell them to take them there if that is what they want to pay but am told "But I want YOU to do it". It just makes it tough on everybody that tries to get paid good money for what they are doing. Just something to THINK about
  9. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of my day job. An organization will inquire about getting a printed job. Then some person in the organization will call me a rip-off for asking a fair price. They steal it from their employer by running the job (which looks like crap) on the office copier and stick a feather in their hat by "showing" everybody how much of a rip-off the printer (me) is. The person stealing it will ask to be paid half of what I wanted to do the job. Well naturally they can do it for half. They stole the job from their employer and did it while being paid on company time. I have hundreds of thousands invested in equipment and facilities plus wages. When I have my time plus producing the plates on our $30,ooo plate system and run it on our $100,ooo press and finish it on our bindery equipment in our commercial building paying $8,ooo a year in property taxes and then pay ourselves a living (barely) wage, I can't do it for the price of a stolen job at some office copyroom. The person that just cut my throat feels like a big shrewd businessman. He is nothing more than a common thief and a CUT-THROAT to boot.
    Stealng time from your family, stealing space in your home, stealing heat and water from your household budget and then cutting the throat of those who make an endeavor out of taxidermy by doing it for far less is no different. Doing your own stuff and some for close family is one thing. The moment you begin taking outside customers and grossly undercharging for the value is when you become the cut-throat. You owe more to the industry than that.
  10. GWebb

    GWebb Well-Known Member

    This question always seems to ruffle some feathers on people. There is always going to be a difference in pricing, from the $200 shoulder mount to the $1000 shoulder mount. It wouldn't matter if there was a set price by the Federal Government at $500 for a basic shoulder mount, there would be people that would think their work was better than so and so's and they would end up charging more. It's something we all do in one way or the other, when you go buy a vehicle do you go to the highest priced dealership in the area, I doubt it, you will base your decision on various reasons to include what make/model is the vehicle and what bells and whistles you want on it and you will factor in what type of payment and for how long you want. Same with plumbing/electrical/any other repairs, as a rule just because someone charges more doesn't mean they do a better job. It's just something we all do to a point in our everyday life when making purchases. There will always be questions regarding pricing on items from gasoline to taxidermy and you can always believe that their will always be someone who charges less/more than you do. And before anyone throws $hit-bombs my way for my way of thinking, around here you can find some guys charging as little as $175 and with the average being between $325 and $425.
  11. gab

    gab Active Member

    that line of thinking makes no sense at all .why the hell would anyone give their competiton any thought whatsoever when making their own business decisions.
    with that line of thinking we should all charge exactly the same because some guy down the road thinks he's an artist.
    if another taxidermist wants to convince himself that taxidermy is some noble cause that's his(delusional)business.Don't get us schmucks trying to make a living involved.
  12. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but any business person that does not factor in their competition when making business decisions, is doing thenselves a disservice. You don't blindly base your price on the competition, but you must factor in the competitor. Perhaps you charge MORE to attract a different clientele, perhaps you offer something the competitor cannot. Either way, you MUST factor them into the equation.

    I do not agree with the arrogant attitude that by some magical power, that anybody is completely unaffected by competition. In this world it isn't happening.
  13. This argument is like beaten a dead horse . And has been beaten to death here and numerous other treads. to no avail.
    The one area i think lots of you are wrong about is simply definition. low baller/ cut throats, etc, etc.
    If shop (A) has price clearly stated at 500.00 and shop (B) has it at 300.00 that is not the definition of low balling. If shop A is not affected by shop B price they have the option to stay at 500.00 or match there competition. Its called capitalism's.

    Low ballling/ cut throat is when shop (A) prices is listed at 500.00 and shop (B) is listed at 500.00. customer calls shop A and quotes that price to them. Customers calls shop B tell them shop A is 500.00 Then they say we will do it for 400.00 just so they can get it or keep shop A from getting it.
    At least that's the way i see it. am i right Don't know am i wrong probably cause my wife says i am never right. lol
    i think we be better arguing over whos gonna win American idol tonight. lol Laura Alana my vote.
  14. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I have a bunch of Taxidermists around me, a bunch! And this is what I tell the one who just moved in or are thinking about starting...."you charge a fair price and stay atleast close to or higher than my prices and anytime you need anything then just stop on by and I will help you. if you come in here and try to steal business instead of earning it by charging a $100 less then don't even cross through those doors again"

    I'll help anybody, but I don't voluntarily allow thieves in my building.

    What a slap in the face it must be to know that you have your customers because your prices are cheap and not because your quality is good.
  15. MP, I think Mr. K-Mart told what you said to Mr. Wal-Mart. Where's Mr. K-Mart?
  16. Tell me another business that is satisfied with making less than they could or one that doesn't strive to make as much as they can for their efforts. :-\
  17. oldboar

    oldboar Taxidermy...do the impossible:)

    I don't get it....AT ALL!

    Why would anyone get pissed at another Taxidermist for what they charge? It just doesn't register with me????

    This is America, free country...and who gives a crap, really:)
    Many have said it time and again, sell your work.

    If you dedicate your life to Taxidermy, the love for "the art", Kumbaya sessions after a local competition good for you! Hold hands, drink beverages, but don't expect your client to give a rats azz.

    Treat it as a business, run it like a business, treat your client like a client...not a hunting buddy.

    Best Wishes,

  18. Why he's right here. http://seekingalpha.com/article/190141-kmart-growth-spurs-sears-to-double-its-earnings

    Sears Holdings Corp.’s (SHLD) fiscal 2009 fourth-quarter GAAP earnings more than doubled to $430 million from $190 million in the year-ago period. Excluding special items, adjusted earnings per share came in at $3.69 per share, which topped the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $3.54 per share.

    The better-than-expected performance was primarily driven by growth in Kmart, improved gross margin and lower overheads. Shares of Sears Holdings have gained more than 1% to $97.09 in pre-market trading on the Nasdaq after the positive news.

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    The Zacks Consensus Estimate, derived from 7 covering analysts, on the company’s earnings for the year ending Jan 2010 is currently pegged at $2.41 per share, which moved up by 8 cents over the past month.
  19. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Michael, Michael, Michael. What have I told you about taxidermists? They simply can't help themselves. We're all dumb as stumps. Just a fact of life.

    I used to care and I spent countless hours trying to TEACH others good business practices. What a waste of good breath. THEY DON'T GET IT. THEY'LL NEVER GET IT.

    I'm like Old Boar, I no longer CARE what other guys charge. I've heard all the same lame assed excuses used here before. I'm the highest guy around. I have a guy within a mile bragging that he charges $150 less than I do and claims he's "giving me a run". I'm going to help him succeed. I'm going to raise my price again and flood his ass into oblivion. I'm tired of "repairing " mounts he's screwed up. I just "refurbished" one of his mounts that he charged $350 for. I charged the guy $475 + $100 for a replacement cape. When he picked it up, he was pleased but whined that he'd paid nearly $1000 to get his deer done correctly. I laughed at him. I told him that if he'd brought me the deer direct, he'd have saved himself $525. You can't cure stupid.

    And PLEASE, stop this nonsense about "lower cost doesn't mean lower quality". It may not TODAY, but I can damned will guarantee you that when his workload starts packing up like my "competitor" above has, he'll start rethinking how much his time is worth. Either he starts producing crappy work OR he increases the price to control his workload. Many who don't are backlogged out of business. I've had one guy commit suicide over his backlog.
  20. timwilly

    timwilly I lost my agenda !!!

    How many heads does someone working for fun do in a year anyway. 10 maybe?

    Anyone who shops at walmart is cut throat to every mom and pop operation ever started.

    It can't be both ways............(most of us have shopped there)

    Lets say I hand paint glass eyes (I don't), I price mine at $30.00, you can buy a close match from any taxidermy supply house for $10.00. I can bet people are going to buy the $10.00 ones even though others think it should be the $30.00 ones to set a precedent. That $10.00 eye may not be as good as mine, but it's close enough that it's gonna out sale me 100 to 1. Do I call the supply house and tell them they are cut throat busterds for being so cheap.

    Just the way I see it......

    For me $400.00 simple shoulder mount....and proud of the product I put out.