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Derp sheep - horns?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by grygon, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Remember that derp deer thread where I introduced my derp sheep?


    Here's his skull now!


    The horns aren't right, are they? I guess a day's soak for both the skull and the sheaths are in order to wedge them back up flush to the skull?
  2. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Re: Derp goat - horns?

    Did he get hit in the face with a shovel or something? ;p

    Nice skull btw

  3. Re: Derp goat - horns?

    Yeah, just soak the ends of the horns and see if they slide on any better. If not dremmel the hell outta them.'

    Looks like he got daffy ducked.
  4. Re: Derp goat - horns?

    Derp Sheep! Looks like he got Broadsided! Is the skull separated on the one side? and healed back together?
  5. Re: Derp goat - horns?

    I haven't yet studied him despite him being the one skull so far that I've spent the most time cursing over. I will post more pics once he is back together.

    I made the derp mistake of soaking both skull and sheaths and they slid on even less cause the skull had expanded a bit. Skull is back in front of the drying fan and sheaths are still soaking. If he's dry enough I'll try again tomorrow.
  6. Re: Derp goat - horns?

  7. tuckertan

    tuckertan New Member

    Re: Derp goat - horns?

    i think it's actually a barbados ram..

  8. Re: Derp goat - horns?

    I knew it was a barbados... I failed to understand that meant sheep. lol. You are correct sir, it is a sheep not a goat!
  9. Re: Derp goat - horns?

    Actually I bet it is an American Blackbelly:
    considering, if this site is accurate, that there are fewer than 200 Barbados in the USA. I'd hope if the people who butchered/ate this ram of mine knew it was an actual Barbados they'd have froze some of his swimmers before hand as I bet that's good money right now in trying to conserve the Barbados breed.

    I have a mixed ewe who also resembles a Barbados, so somewhere in her family tree is a Blackbelly. Her face looks nice and wooly but she has a lot of hair in her fleece (is it still a fleece if they are hair and not wool?):
  10. bill@hogheaven

    bill@hogheaven New Member

    Cut your horn cores off to about 3-4 inches & try the horns that way. They should slip right on.
  11. That's what I eventually did, bill. :) but one of the horns still had some funk in it that was smellactivated by the soaking so now they're getting the dawn treatment again.
  12. Finally he is all done and I have added his pics to my collection thread as well. His horns are actually on pretty straight as there are grooves in the back that the horns have matching dips to pop right into... but cause his face is so messed up he appears very crooked indeed.




  13. Icarus

    Icarus Something Witty

    An obvious case of "My momma said if I kept making this face, it'd stick that way"

    Why'd they kill him? Looks like he got around eating wise okay.
  14. I think they ate him. The folks I got him from are very old fashion and they said they butchered him, so that made me think they made a meal of him. And I suspect the injury was from him being a typical stubborn ram. He was a good size and reminded me of one I used to have. I hated that thing with vengeance, it was always out to get you in some way. But when I had that ram I only weighed 80ish pounds so all I could do was sneak around him or run like hell. The owners of this bad boy are very big brothers, so I suspect his injury was thanks to a 2by4 or a shovel. lol. I may be wrong.