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Beginning tanner

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by hunterboy, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. hunterboy

    hunterboy New Member

    This may sound strange to some of you but Im an avid hunter and never considered tanning my own hide and the animal that i'll hunt next and want to tan is a marmot. Now I know little to nothing about the proccess of tanning, all I can to think of to do is remove fat from and extra material from the hide then heavily salt it for a few days. Ok heres the questionsa:
    1. Can anyone give me a better proccess while still keeping it simple
    2. how would you go about skinning an animal for tanning
    3. What tools are 100% neccesary ( Rather use house hold items)
  2. There is nothing real simple about tanning. Go to the archives and start reading.

  3. irish37399

    irish37399 New Member

    well i do alot of tanning my favourite tanning solution is hide tanning formula from fnt it comes in an orange bottle but i find that treating it with borax is much better than tanning except once the borax dries its staying that way and all you have to do is flesh it and for the flesh you cant remove inject it with formaldehyde or ballmax you can get those from an undertaker or local pharmacist as for proper tanning once its fleshed give it a layer of salt for 24hours then do the same the next day then make a bath of salt by mixing alot of salt with warm water and mixing it after then tin the skin with a knife scrapping away the rest of the membrane then wash it with washing up liquid and warm water and let it dry then get a paint brush and paint on your tanning solution their is many good ones you can buy or you can make your own for example the brain tanning method then when its all put on fold it then leave it for a day and the open and let it dry once its dry use a wire wheel to soften it and that's it all. much quicker with borax