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Antique leopard Rug

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by F, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. F

    F Member

    Not for sale !!!!!! Sorry!

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  2. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    Do you still have the rug?
    If so, can you send more pics to:

    [email protected]

    Thank you

  3. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Isn't there a law of some sort that leopards can only be sold within state lines?
  4. Omnivore

    Omnivore New Member

    Yeah- I used to think pre-ban was ok as long as it wasn't over country lines, but yesterday found out for sure that you can only sell them pre-ban if the buyer is a resident of the same state.
  5. Omnivore

    Omnivore New Member

    So...there's that.
  6. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    but i think if you have the original cities permit along with lepords they can be sold to anyone...pretty sure thats the kicker on selling is the cities permit
  7. F

    F Member

    I find the rug in vintage store, no any paper work. Poor condition.
  8. Omnivore

    Omnivore New Member

    What if it was killed before CITES permits were around (which would make it pre-ban)? Do you mean you can get a CITES permit for a pre-ban skin, then sell it to anyone with that permit? I'd assume you'd need more permits to sell it to someone out of the country if that's possible at all, but it is something I haven't thought of before. It would behoove the seller to ask F&W, in that case.

    The only thing I am 100% sure of is if there is a pre-ban leopard rug in X-state, it can be sold in X-state no problem and no further requirements. For out of state, post-ban, etc. stuff things get more tricky.
  9. jherret

    jherret New Member

    very cool!
  10. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    they can't be sold and go out of the country again...they must stay in the states once they are here....lollie bors taxidermy auction sells them throughout the year...
  11. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    The way I heard it, if you could get a CITES permit to prove that it was pre-ban, you could sell it over state lines, but it COULD NOT leave the country. The issue is finding a certified antiques dealer who can actually verify that an item is pre-ban. But depending on who you talk to at the Fish and Wildlife Dept., you'll often get different answers regarding this. Just keep calling them and pestering them until you get a solid answer. Seems like no one is exactly sure about the pre-CITES laws and regulations these days.
  12. Omnivore

    Omnivore New Member

    Here is where I got my latest information, from a very dedicated fellow buyer/seller of animal parts who has helpfully been compiling lists of relevant laws and resources. She made a PSA about this within the past couple of days about an exchange she had with F&W. http://www.thegreenwolf.com/prebancites.html

    Relevant quotes:
    When I first wondered about the laws myself I called FWS specifically asking about a pre-ban leopard coat as an example as well. The answer I got was that if it was pre-ban, it was fine to buy and sell (even though in my example I asked about buying one from Maine, while I was in Florida.) However, taking others' experiences into account in asking similar questions, I have to believe that the person who answered my question was incorrect or somehow thought I was only talking about my state.

    If it's possible to have a pre-ban CITES-1 article issued a CITES permit after the fact I would very much be interested in knowing how that process works, if anyone has additional information; and, secondly, if upon obtaining said permit it would then be legal to sell it across state lines.
  13. I have also looked into the legality of obtaining a pre-ban Leopard. After talking with two different people with US game and fish...I was told that a pre-ban leopard would be legal to purchase if the current owner could prove that it was indeed taken pre-ban. A certificate of ownership dating back to the original owner is the necessary document. This also needs to be notarized. A bill of sale from seller to new owner is also a necessity. Both documents need to be physically attached to the specimen.
    Once in new owners possession it is then recommended that he apply for a federal CITES tag so that they can legally move it to a new residence if they ever move...
    With this I was told it was legal in the eyes of the federal government...here is the kicker. They recommended that I get in contact with my states fish and game department to check on legality of the specimen crossing over my states lines...
    So the Leopard that was legal for me to purchase from out West as far as federal laws was NOT legal for me to transport it over my states line wether it was proven pre-ban or not!!!
    Yet another example of which hole in the ground do I place my ars???
    So I suggest you contact both federal and your state for the whole answer.