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Recreating eyelashes

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by iltrapper, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. iltrapper

    iltrapper Member

    Anyone got any ideas on putting eyelashes back on a boar? I had about half of the eyelashes on one eye pull out.
  2. False eyelashes for da ladies. Seriously. They come in different lengths and the curl in them can be straightened with heat.

  3. Who pulled them? JK ;) False lashes as Mr Brown mentioned works like a champ.
  4. iltrapper

    iltrapper Member

    What glue are you using to put them back on? super glue?
  5. I used quick set epoxy. I am too goofy to use super glue. I would have stuck the eyelashes to the eye! :)
  6. Homestead

    Homestead N.E.A.T BOD

    I had a tannery shave off some eye lashes (5 out of 10 deer) I ended up cutting up one of my paint brushes. Start a hole with an insect pin and slide the bristle into the hole with a little super glue on the end. You need to be careful not to use to much super glue, you can make a mess real quickly.