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Advantage Fur Dressing in Texas goin out of business

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by steve leech, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. If anyone knows a way to contact some one there. Could you please contact me at [email protected] . I just talked to them 2 weeks ago and no one said anything. I am in PA , I always wanted to see Texas, but not really to drive there just to get my stuff. I have used them for 30 years. You think they would have at least let me know when I talked to them two weeks ago.
  2. I need the same information as macdaddy. I just sent that hide and spoke to a person on the 12th of June. Not 1 time did they say they were going to close??? I just want my hide back!!
    Thanks Tim

  3. Advantage Fur Dressing
    3308 Ella Blvd, ste A
    Houston Texas 77018

    The explanation i got was that the owners had a falling out and the decision to desolve the company was immediate and happened very quickly, some of the employees were still in bewilderment
    The sad thing is that they were very reputable and professional, hard quality to come by in that industry
    thats just MY OPINION, lol
  4. They were very good. No complaint here.
  5. can you or anyone post there address and number please. I guess thats the road i am gone to go down.
  6. gab

    gab Active Member

    361 578 8154
    1017 northgate rd victoria tx 77904
  7. Ok now I am getting worried about my hides. :( They were suppose to be shipped to me last Thursday and here it is Tuesday and no hides. It only takes one day for the shippment to get to my shop. Tried to call them and the mail box is full, no way of getting hold of them now. If I make the drive there what is to say I won't end up in front of closed doors? This is one screwed up situation for everyone involved, employees as well as clients. I am in the mood to string the owners up on the next oak tree for treating everyone like that. :mad: You just don't do that to people. Whatever happened to courtesy and compassion? :-\
  8. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I'd make the drive anyways.......and stop half way there to buy your friend in La Grange lunch :)
  9. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    i have had alot of african capes tanned by south texas tannery.....call tom the owner....i have never had any trouble with them or the capes in the years i have used them
  10. It is completely out of character of them to just dump on everyone like this, i will say that i did get ahold of em friday, i asked to speak to an upper manager or owner, i was pretty persistent about it, this is the number they gave me
    (713) 206-6934, supposed to be a guy named David, he's supposed to be in charge, but a woman was on the voicemail, called advantage back, and they assured me this was his number
    Anyway, i called and left a nice little message, lol, they sent my hides back unfinished monday morning, so..............
  11. Brent Gorman in Oklahoma owner of Dirty Creek Taxidermy and Tanner is excepting work.
    here is a link to his site:


  12. correct me if im wrong museum man, but i heard Tom was retired this year from South Texas , and his daughter is running it

    put the same post in the tannery section and was told by a couple that the turn around was very slow there , now that he's gone,?

    5 to 6 months
  13. Steve that woman is Kim. She used to handle all the phone calls. David was in charge. Thanks for the number I just left a message on his voice mail. We'll see if he calls back or not.

    Michael, YOU should buy ME lunch. LOL
  14. I have got to admit it...this just really does not come as a big surprise! But still, I hate to hear it! I still miss my former co-workers...especially Rusty!
  15. well evylyn, he didnt call me back, but i left him a not so thankfull message, and my stuff was shipped back immediately, so im square
    still havnt decided who to start using, got a suggestion from mike p, and im leaning in that direction
  16. thanks Gab
  17. in fact the same recomedation that you made evylyn, H&H
  18. Whats everyones thoughts on Seminole fur dressing in Alabama ?
  19. i also am looking into South west, but i would like to get some more input from you guys on them, heard they owner retired and the daughter is running it now and they have been slow since,
    some more input would be nice, i really like to keep my business here in texas if possible
  20. CustomsBrokerWELL

    CustomsBrokerWELL New Member

    We are a Customshouse Broker at the airport in Houston. We have been clearing hunting trophies through Customs for 25 years and deal with all the tannerys and many taxidermists in Texas as well as the U.S. We have a list of 4 USDA-spproved tannerys that we have done business with for 25 years on their import Safari trophies. We deliver weekly to: Hammacks Taxidermy & Tannery- Kerrville, Quality Fur-Spring Tx,South Texas Fur Dressers-Victoria TX, Texas Best Stretch-Conroe,TX.--------Cindi/WELL Worldwide Energy Logistics, Customs Brokers