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Meder Flehmen

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by gobbler71, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. gobbler71

    gobbler71 Member

    On the Meder flehmen do you cut all lipline off to the edge of hairline the whole way around?
  2. pberry

    pberry Member

    on the mouth piece you can see where the lip line on the sides and top are to be glued, but to answer the question,, no not all the way around,, the rear half of the lipline will be tucked as usual so you will need skin to tuck, also the front lower lip needs to be kept to the topp upper edge of the lip, there it will be glued,, there is a portion of the side lips that will be cut off to where the bare skin stops and hairline begins. i suggest that you turn and flesh the lips just as you would when doing closed mouth deer and then remove excess lipline as you mount the mouth. may i also suggest purchasing the video by joe meder commercial flemen tecniques,

  3. jake7719

    jake7719 Well-Known Member

    2X on the video, It covers everthing step by step.
  4. srholmes30

    srholmes30 Living each and every day

    Great Video
  5. gobbler71

    gobbler71 Member

    Thanks for the help.