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Museum Quality and One of a Kind Skulls

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by PLTannery, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. I've got the opportunity to purchase something I've had my eye on for a VERY long time... So its time for a few of these to find new Loving homes!

    MOST of these are under $100... But some Don't come cheap and alot are from my personal Collection.... So they are the Biggest, Best I've seen come thru my hands. And Some are VERY unique and/or Hard to find. All are Cleaned and whitened and most are beautiful. Just a few have slight damage. I'll be updating with prices in Just a few.

    Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and Postal Money Orders.

    Buyer Pays Shipping.

    Photos Upon Request.

    Thanks for looking!


    prices are "each"

    Kit Fox-4- $40
    Nutria- 2- $35
    Beaver- 8- $35
    Grey Fox-SOLD
    Raccoon- 2- $30
    River Otter- 3 - $35
    Skunk- 9- $18
    Alligator- SOLD
    Young Llama- 1- $125
    Pathalogical Javelina- 1- $75
    Pot Bellied Pig- 1- $175
    Calf-1- $75
    Antelope Doe-1- $80
    Pere David's Deer Doe- 1- $225
    Hyena- 1- $400
    Mule Deer Doe SOLD
    Feral Hog- 3- $110, 150, $175
    Llama Male- 1- $275
    Llama Female-1 $175
    Lincoln ewe Pathalogical-1- $90
    Goat Kid Stillborn- 3- $40
    Goat Kid- 2-4 weeks- 2- $45
    Lamb 4 weeks-1- $50
    Cougar-1- $150
    Wolverine 6 3/8" Long - 1- $180
    Wolverine 6 4/8"Long - 1- $180
    Wolverine 5 6/8" Long - 1- $150
    Bobcat With hole in top of head-1- $150
    Bobact- Crushed and Healed- 1- $200
    Bobcat- 1- $35
    Lynx- 1- $40
    Lynx Kitten-3- $55
    XL Male Wolf-1- SOLD
    XL Female Wolf- 1- $200
    Wolf-1- Juvenile- SOLD
    Big Eyed Coyote- 1- $125
    Coyote-1- $35
    Coyote with missing 1/3 of jaw(shot and healed)- 1- $125
    Lamb Stillborn- 1- $45
    Piglet Stillborn- 1- $55
    Pigeon- 1- $18
    Porcupine- 4- $40
    Snapping Turtle-2- $15
    Marmot- 3- $30
    Domestic Rabbit- 6- $45
    Armadillo- 1- $55
    Opossum- 4- $35
    Badger- 2- $35
    Fisher- 1- $45- SOLD
    Mink- 2- $18
    Martin- 4- $18
    Muskrat- 2- $18
    Mountain Beaver- 2- $30
    Emu- 1- $SOLD
    Domestic Duck- 2- $30
    Domestic Turkey- 2- $30
    Squirrell- Unknown specieses- 5- $18 each
    Roman nosed Whitetail Doe- 1- Cleaned by someone else- Greasy- $45
    Button Buck- 2- $75
    Fawn- Whitetail Stillborn-2- $60
    Elk Calf Stillborn- 1- $80
    Whitetail Doe- XSmall- 1- $90
    Whitetail Button Buck XSmall-1- $70
    Mule Deer Doe- XSmall-1- $80
    Domestic Rabbit with malloculsion- 1- $170 SOLD
    Wallaby-1- $125
    Misc Small Rodent- 3- $18 each
    5 by 5 Mule Deer Buck- Small- $125
    Suffolk ram- Polled, Twisted Sinuses- 1- $200
    African Lion-1- $900 Shipped
    Cow Shiras moose-1- $300 Shipped
    Black back Jackal- 1- $55
    Domestic Dog- 4- $75 to $125
    Muntjac- #2 Quality- 1- $SOLD
    Honey Badger-1- $SOLD
    Caracal-1- SOLD
    Arctic Fox- 1- $65
    Chinese Water Deer- 1- $SOLD
    Snowshoe- 1- $35
    Red Fox- 2- $35
    House Cat-SOLD
    Pony-1- $175
  2. sitka hunter

    sitka hunter New Member

    Hello , do you still have the Water Deer skull ? Could you send a photo to [email protected] , if you do. And could you post to Australia? thanks Scott

  3. I cannot send it internationally. Sorry. Only to addresses in the USA.
  4. For those that requested photos I will do my best to get them posted here on the thread soon.

  5. Here a pics of the Hogs, the 2 wolves, the badger and some general pics of the collection. I haven't gotten pics of the fisher and the CWD as they are in a different place.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  6. Details on Two of the Pathalogical Coyote Skulls

    Big Eyed Coyote


    Shot and healed jaw Coyote

  7. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    For the dogs, what breeds are available?
  8. All of the dogs are Pit Bull/Stratfordshire terrier type.
  9. PM sent.. ;D
  10. The Wallaby

    The Honey Badger

  11. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Sent a message about the CWD. For a friend that does not have a PC and is interested. Any pictures you can send of it would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi Seawolf..
    The CWD has actually sold, I just updated the list. Were you still looking for a 6" plus wolverine? BTW... the Male llama is the one you've had your eye on for so long... ;)
  13. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Yeah .. I'm eyeing that llama. Been hoping to find one in the raw state like that. Once cleaned, they get pricy. Still debating it. :) I have a couple wolverines I'm working on now. Both are right around 6. I missed out on one that was almost 7 and I regret it.
  14. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I'll take the honey badger if it is still available. Email sent.
  15. The honey Badger is actually sold.
  16. Senpu13

    Senpu13 New Member

    Do you have a picture of the Antelope Doe skull?
  17. kinetic

    kinetic New Member

    I'll take the house cat for sure if you still have it. Maybe a snapping turtle too, can you tell me how big they are roughly (I've never seen one in person)?

    Do you have any other horse skulls besides the pony?
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  19. bartik

    bartik New Member

    Hi Shelby,

    I am interested in the skull hyenas, what is size? You send in Slovakia?
    what is your paypal address?
    Can you send me a pictures of lion skull? (please size)
    My contact: [email protected]

    Thank you,