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My take on HQ's rub on tan

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by hounddoggy, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    Though i dont feel im knowledgable enough to "test" products, a few folks have e-mailed me asking my thoughts on HQ's rub on tan.

    Simply put its as easy to use as any other rub on tans. Ive come to the conclusion that tans put out by folks who either have worked for tanneries or still do, have a leg up on the more advertised tans by the big companies.

    I did not dry out my capes tanned with this tan as i never have with the others. I let it soak in on one side for a few hours, flipped them over and did the other side for a few hours. Then i bagged them, put them in the fridge overnight and froze the next day.

    When i went to mount them i simply thawed and rinsed. One cape was rinsed in water only. I rinsed over and over with water. The oils in this tan are the Shizzle!! The fact that water wouldnt wash all of the oils out, in my mind was a good thing. That deer mounted fine though i was concerned if the glue would hold. IT DID BUT.........I finally woke up and realized that the degrease sample i obtained was sent to me for a reason-TO USE IN THE RINSE.....DUH!! i did use the degrease in my quick rinse of cape #2 and it made a big difference. I could tell that it only washed away surface oil. I could tell this by squeezing the heck out of a scrap piece. The oil was IN the cape but the wash WITH DEGREASE took care of the surface oil which i was worried would or could affect the glue down.

    Both mounts are on day 4 or 5 of drying with no issues at all. I pinned the heck out of the first one since my dumb butt didnt add the degrease in the first rinse. Pins are out, deer look great!

    This tan locked the hair good and was a pleasure to work with. It gave me a soft cape that taxied(i know thats not a word) nicely. Stretch was all anyone could ask for.
    The oils in the tan gave me confidence that any areas like the eyes could never possibly crack down the road. The oils in this tan whatever it is is GOOD!

    I plan to dry out a few capes after tanning with this tan and then follow the instructions provided. I just followed my regular program(with no issues) but i know the makers reccomend drying to help the oils penetrate. I think it penetrated fine like i did them however.

    Again, I dont feel qualified to give feedback but a few asked and i decided to post my thoughts here instead of sending individual messages. I liked the tan alot and personally would use it over any of the big name tans. The tannery guys know how to make awesome tans.There was nothing i didnt like about the tan.

    Ive used 5 different tans and like i said, MY OPINION is that the tans put out by those with tannery experience ARE FAR SUPERIOR TO THE BIG NAME TANS ON THE MARKET. mUST BE SOME TIGHTLY GUARDED KNOWLEDGE! HAHAH

    HeadQuartes and Carolina as a whole have been a pleasure to work with!
  2. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    I've used this tan as well, the one that requires a pickle. Excellent on some WT capes, and now drying some red foxes and a groundhog to see how this stuff goes as a dry finished tan. The softening oil I used for these 3 is Rittels pro plus as I have a large amount of it left. I don't have the HQ degreaser/wash, just ultra dawn but it worked fine with the deer capes for oil on the hair, though the leather side did feel a little greasy still, but my hide paste ( similar to Buckeye's) seems to have worked fine.

    I had a weasel with some hair slip that started during neutralizing ( thin skin and hard to figure how long to sit in there w/out PH problems), and after applying the tan the hair tightened right up. I then mounted it within hours.