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Phone# for owner of Advantage Fur Dressing

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by oldmantwo, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Still holding out for the good in people. Stan or David, if ya'll are out there looking in, help these people out of a jam. It is bug season and hides can get eaten up quick in weather like this. Time is of the essence.
  2. RcTaxi

    RcTaxi New Member

    just got off the phone with David.
    Confirmed pickup from 10am to about 3:00pm on Friday.

    I will be heading that way if anyone needs any help with theirs. You can call me at (830) 422-9071.
    My travel Route is Hwy 90 From Del Rio, TX to I-10 onto Houston.


  3. I spoke to David at Advantage this morning. Well World wide Energy will be picking up orders on fri. If you know anyone who can use this info. Please pass it on. If you don't get them to get your stuff , it will be a while before they can start sending orders back to anyone


    WELL Worldwide Energy Logistics, Inc.

    17401 Aldine Westfield Rd.

    Houston, TX 77073

    PH: 281-606-2400

    FX: 281-606-2435

    M: [email protected]
  4. Well worldwide

    Well worldwide New Member

    Advantage was very busy today. David and a couple of other employees were there. Cindi and I picked up about 15 shipments for our clients and we saw another 10 taxidermists there doing the same.
    The plan is that David will make a list today of all shipments that didn't get picked up. He will start notifying them on uesday to tell them to come and get them. If anyone can't come and get them, he will ask if We (Well worldwide can pick them up). Any shipments that aren't account receivable issues that he can't reach the taxidermist, he will turn over to us and we will take over the notification process. We will allow taxidermists to pick up from us for free, we will ship to anone on their fed ex ups account collect for free, or we can discuss other arrangements. We don't want the courts getting their hands on these and decideing that they have no value and should be destroyed. David is busting his butt to make sure that anything that can be returned is. If you need help with any shipmnents stuck there, please call cindi or lynette at Well 281-606-2400 as we will have another truck there next friday to get as much out as we can. Hopefully we can get a list of everything that is left behind.
  5. I got my hides back. Decided to drive over there after all. David, Shaun and one other guy (sorry don't know his name) were running all over the place trying to get everything done. David was so helpful and went out of his way to make sure we got all our hides back. I really feel for him and the rest of the gang. David if you are reading this, hats off to you; you are doing a fantastic job. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

    Cindi I think it is awesome what Well is doing for us taxidermists. Thank you all so much for stepping in and helping out like that.
  6. Well worldwide

    Well worldwide New Member

    cindi, Alex and I went there today and picked up everything that wasn't picked up by taxidermists or shipped out. We are in process of notifying and shipping to everyone. We prefer to ship fed ex collect so we dont have to do any billing. Please call cindi at 281-606-2400 and we'll get the shipments out if we have them. We got a lot- a 16 foot box truck full and a pickup full just today. We're doing this for free, so try to bear with us as we sort thorugh it all. we hope to ship everything out in the next week or two. If you have shipments here, call us and come and get it!!!