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Help with turkey board feet!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by woodschic, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. woodschic

    woodschic New Member

    I am doing my first customer mount and he wants a turkey tail, beard, and feet board. But he wants the feet "palm" up and strait out to use as hangers. I have to mention that the feet were left out on his workbench for several weeks before I got them and are pretty stiff. For this kind of mount do I need to push a big wire through the bone to get the marrow out or just done behind the tarsus where the tendons run? Also....I accidentally punched through the leg while running wire to make space for DP behind the tarsus. Please tell me I can fix that. Since he wants the toes up of course the hole is on the show side. Also, I could only get the wire down to the "palm" I was assuming I would need to get it through to the middle toe to mount it up as a hanger. I tried to search the archives but google has not been letting me run the searches for the last few weeks. Thank you for any help!!!!
  2. there is no need to run wires down the feet. Just drill out the ends enough to put in a screw arhor with a little zap a gap or even bondo to hold it there to fix it to the panel with a screw. As far as the holes a little apoxie blended in and textured should do it. As for Dp used in turkey legs why not just inject with bird feet preserver? Then shape the way you want and let dry.

  3. heres my 1st attempt at foot mounting. shot a jake this year he was missing alot of tail feathers and was pretty sragly. but managed to save foot just predrilled plaque and ran a ssrew into legwrapped in a little decorative ropeusing hot glue and pinned foot in position until dry

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  4. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    I do them with wire just like if I were to mount the bird on a perch. You can position the foot any way you want, then inject with masters blend and paint it. If your customer is going to hang things on it I would use a tough wire. The ones I have done were only used to hold the arrow the customer used to shoot it with so I only use 10 gauge wire.
  5. woodschic

    woodschic New Member

    Thanks everyone. I was going to inject it with preserve too but it was too dried up for that. I ended up soaking them in Stop Rot for awhile, then gluing in a wire. They are drying now. I really appreciate your help. ;D
  6. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    personally I drill out or run a wire down inside all the turkey feet ,,there is an amazing amount of marrow inside there that will spoil and seep through the scales ,just like a poorly cleaned fish mount.You can run a wire down the foot inside the leg bone drill out the bottom of it go right into the middle toe bone enough for support when you bend it into upward position.The wire can be clinched over on the bckside of the panel and a small drywall screw run along side of the wire will ''grip'' the wire as well as pull it tight against the panel ,good and solid!!