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Bobcat mount Idea crit?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Sashakittythegreat, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    Heya guys, I am trying to put a lot of effort and time into this cat, I'm going to enter in the 2012 michigan show in the youth division and this is a rough concept I made, then colored the sketch on photoshop.
    I know the anatomy isnt great, its a 5 minute sketch, I'm looking for crit on the concept; AKA the leg and head position and the base, which I plan to be using fake water and rocks, I'm going to run a rod through the cat and through the base and put the wall hanger on the base(if thats not already evident It will hang on a wall.)and heres a pro...

    I'm wrapping it. :)
    I am asking for snowhares DVDs for christmas because all of my money has to go to practice pedestal forms and capes and a taxi license so I can sell them. I can remember my library had a wrapping book so this weekend I'll get that and take a crapload of notes. I'm going to put all I've got into this cat, hopefully the prize(if I win that is) will help me pay off everything I'm putting into this.

    thank you for reading,
  2. artwildcreate

    artwildcreate Don't look at me.....

    Julia.. You are off to a great start... You obviously have artistic talent... I think it is a great concept. The number one rule and biggest advice I can give you is REFERENCE..REFERENCE.. REFERENCE.... Study it. Know it. Use it. .......and don't forget to have fun and enjoy taxidermy....

  3. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    my last two mounts had only a little reference, I was too bullheaded to realize I needed more, I already have a folder on my comp with 30+ bobcat pictures I've collected thru deviantart.
    thank you thank you thank you :)
  4. artwildcreate

    artwildcreate Don't look at me.....

    checkout Pbase.com also.. There are lots of good pics on there
  5. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    thank you I will
  6. RumRunner

    RumRunner Nicholas Dugas, (337) 205-1269

    I personally suggest also BUYING some reference. It is better than anything you can find on the internet.
  7. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    I'll ask for an album for x-mas then. :)
  8. John Bellucci could help you with an album.
    He has just about everything you need in terms of reference.
    Send him an email, He is really good to help
  9. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    ok thank yiou :)
  10. Wolfie101

    Wolfie101 New Member

    I purchased an album of bobcat references at my state competition and that little set of photos was WAY better than anything I found online.
  11. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    Im pretty sure they werent selling anything last time I went to my local show :\
  12. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member


    I like it, great concept for a mount and you certainly have the artistic talent to pull it off when it comes time.

    I understand it's just a rough idea still, but if I can, I'd respectfully like to offer my opinion on some minor changes you could consider.

    First, I only found like 4 pictures of bobcats leaping from rocks, but they all kept their back legs together. The current pose idea looks a little more like running off a rock ledge. I think you'll obtain "leaping" off the ledge better by attaching both back feet to the rock together to show he's really "springing".

    If you do that, look at altering the front legs slightly so the paws are ready to hit another rock ledge that you could build and protrude off of the wall below the cat. Or maybe attach to the cat and have floating in mid air.

    I think it will give it a really natural feeling of motion and action.

    Now I didn't search reference for this, but I feel like this "MIGHT" be cool as well. Instead of making the entire mount "broadside" to the viewer....What if you attached the rock and rear of the cat as pictured, but slightly turn the cat gradually througout until the face is almost straight at the viewer? Like the cat needed to change directions in the leap.

    Check reference on that and make sure it's possible and would look natural, because while it looks awesome in my mind...LOL....it might not be right.

    Just take your time and I know it will turn out amazing. Be sure to take lots of pix and share.

  13. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member


    I stand corrected. I was searching some more photos of this kind of pose and stumbled across this.

    In this photo, the cat's legs are not together, but both are on the rock. However, it's a lot steeper downward angle. I liked your angle better. But the front leg/paws and second rock ledge are similar to what I was saying.

    Hopefully the link works right
  14. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    wow thanks, I will take that into my next concept