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WT Deer neck mounts

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by srholmes30, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.


    Now there ARE some situations where I'd TALK to the customer. If his hide is good, that's another thing, but if I'm making $550 on a neck mount because that's what HE wants, then I'm going to do it. Yet here's one where a guy cut the cape off intending to have the hide tanned and I took the head that he later offered my dad $500 for - my dad told him no way. Dad told me he didn't deserve to have the mount. (BTW, this was mounted nearly 30 years ago with DP. Picture was taken in April of this year.)

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  2. I usually wouldn't flat out turn anything away. What I would do is price the neck mount the same as a shoulder, and try to talk them into the shoulder. If they still wanted the neck mount then I would focus on convincing them to go with a little MP habitat type thing. All the while still coaxing them towards the full shoulder with a little MP habitat! :) And who knows, if they go for the full shoulder and habitat, then maybe a little half lifesize or lifesize hint is in order, lol.

    The doe cape is a rough one. I still wouldn't want to flat out refuse the work, but would probably come up with something to make the price of the mount with the doe cape more than it would cost them to just buy a nice buck cape to use. I would basically try to make it so only a complete fool would opt for actually using the doe cape.

    I use the same system to determine all of my prices, but in cases like this I will then add. If it is something I don't want to do, then price goes up enough to outweight my dislike for what ever the work is. Like skunks... add $$$ for stink factor. Porcupines... add $$$ for pain factor. I suppose I would draw a line somewhere. With the neck mount though, I think I could make that work if I had to. The doe cape, I could work the pricing enough that they would opt out of it.

    George, You just had to throw that little DP tid bit in there didn't you, lol. Looks good, and I would have to agree with your dad. If the body of that deer was marked even half as nice as the head, the guy didn't deserve the head mount. Although at the right price I may have sold it to him, but not $500. Maybe twice that to the guy that would actually cut the head off of a deer like that.

  3. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    John Creager had a great looking neck mount on here last year.... really impressed me!

    As far as Turkey shoulders go, if you do them correctly they look great. I have a dentist from Houston who brings me no fewer than 3 each turkey season for the last few years. At $500 a pop it's EASY money!
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Ron, I have a question. If you feel that way about turkey breast mounts, do you also refuse to do tail fan/beard/spur mounts? I really don't see much difference. Like Michael, I have avid turkey hunters who go all over to shoot the dumbass birds and they want momentos. They already have several lifesize birds but want the walls filled with breast mounts. That's really some easy money and I don't have to look at it in my home so what's the big deal?
  5. Wayne R

    Wayne R NRA and B&C Life Member

    You seem to be coming in here kind off harsh. That's beauty of running your own shop, you do what YOU feel comfortable with. As far as being "dumb". I ended up doing 3 shoulder mounts, and getting an extra cape out of the deal by not doing the neck mount. I have no problems with anyone wanting to do neck mounts, and was willing to help the hunter get what he wanted. In the end, he was happier that I talked him out of it, and gave me more business.
  6. Jaymic

    Jaymic New Member

    I'm not trying to be harsh, I just don't understand some people's attitude toward making money. Every job you refuse is a chance for someone else to get. Less money in YOUR pocket, It's what's wrong with U.S.- lawyers and people's big fat arrogant heads. If you think doing what the CUSTOMER wants is beneath you, it IS the wrong attitude! You may run your business the the way you want BUT the customer is the boss ultimately! We are becoming lazy big headed Americans and it's doing no favors for OUR kids future! If someone wanted me to sweep a floor, clean a toilet, dig a ditch, do a neck mount, or anything, as long as they are paying me a fair price I'll do it to the best of my ability! My arrogance will never allow me not to make a buck! Everybody runs around like they are owed something! That's why this country is in this huge debt! ARROGANCE! It's just me like it or not.
  7. Cathy

    Cathy N.E.A.T President

    As for the doe cape, I had someone want that this year and I gave him a spare I had in the freezer. People give me their capes, so I don't have to charge others for them. Normally I do charge a little, but I did not want to try to cut holes and then put antlers on a skinny doe. Here's another 'would you do it'. Twice I've had customers want fallow antlers on a wt cape. Anyone willing to mix species?
  8. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    neck mounts arent nothing but euros with hair. LOL
  9. Jaymic

    Jaymic New Member

    I put a set of caribou antlers on a full size whitetail for a local gun dealer here in VT Cat. I did what the CUSTOMER wanted and he paid good money! Got to do what the BOSS wants.
  10. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    Best of luck to you in the future. Sounds you you have it all figured it out.
  11. Jaymic

    Jaymic New Member

    No not ALL figured out, my ego just isn't as big. I try to carry an open mind. I think you need the luck in this situation, but thanks anyway.
  12. I have never been asked to do one, thankfully.
  13. Jackson1814

    Jackson1814 Active Member

    Now wait a minute Jaymic, your gonna do a neck mount because the customer wants it, but your not going to mount antlers on a doe cape that a customer wants done? Didn't you just say that it's bad business practice not to do what the customer wants done ??? ??? I don't see how ego has anything to do with what a taxi chooses to mount or not to mount. It the individual taxi's business. Why would anyone care what I choose to mount or not to mount ???
  14. Jaymic

    Jaymic New Member

    If you read above I said everybody has there limit I guess. If a guy won't do a mount because he thinks it's dumb its just poor business. If a guy won't do a mount because it's above his ability that's a different story. If a guy won't do one because he is afraid of losing business then he is probably not that good of a taxi OR business man or confident in their work. I may be wrong but it's my opinion and I wished I lived next to these guys. 90% of all businesses fail in the first two years, either your doing this for $ or your a hobbyist and if your trying to make a living and supporting a family you HAVE to have a fire in your eyes.( unless your like George and have been around for a hundred years) lol... Kidding
  15. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    I charge $100 for a new cape and $150 extra for a neck mount. In 35+ years I've done exactly 2 neck mounts and sold a LOT of capes. I'm glad my name is NOT on a lot of neck mounts.
  16. Jackson1814

    Jackson1814 Active Member

    How about doing it for doing it as a hobby and for money? Can that be done?
  17. hobbes

    hobbes Member

    :D :D :D
  18. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Who gives a crap really about any of it......do them if you want, do not do them if you want, that's the fun part about owning your own business..... you can do what the hell you please when and how you please :)
  19. Jackson1814

    Jackson1814 Active Member

    Amen to that :)
  20. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    "If a guy won't do one because he is afraid of losing business then he is probably not that good of a taxi OR business man or confident in their work"

    That is the DUMBEST statement I have read on here in a long time !! You can"t be serious are you ? ::)

    Lets flip "your theory", just for $hits & giggles.

    If a guy does one it must be because he is not that good of a taxi and can't get enough work or a bad business man who doesn't run his shop like a business therefor he must mount anything to try & make a dollar.

    See how stupid that is ?!

    You see, every mount that goes out my shop door is a piece of advertisment for my shop. And I do not want my shop name on a mount that looks like "I" screwed the mount up. Do you seriously think a neck mount is good advertisement for you ?? Other potential clients will see your neck mount that you did for you client & ask who did the work. And they might not comment on the neck mount but they might be thinking to themselves, "wow, so & so screwed that mount up", don't think I will take anything to him.
    I want my potential clients to see a clients mount & say "wow" , who does your taxi work, it looks really good !!"
    Over the years I have tried to educate my clients. And I can honestly say its been many years since I have seen a cape too short come into the shop. I can only remember only 2 or 3 over the years. And like Old Fart I sold them replacement capes.