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Ohio Taxidermists Association State Championships results

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Heath Cline, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Here are the results from the show this past weekend. Congrats to all the winners. I want to personally thank all the other board members for everything they did to put this show together and thank all the competitors.

    Lee Birch Award (for the best hand wrapped body):
    Bob Anderson , Fox Squirrel

    Art Ledger Award (for the best Pheasant):
    Ed Piakowski

    Best Amateur Award:
    Tyler Burgei , Lifesize Mink

    Polytranspar Award :
    Steve Jones , Northern Pike

    Star Fish Award:
    Steve Burgei , Walleye

    Best Freeze Dried:
    Art Ledger , Monitor Lizard

    Hilton Eppley Award:
    Toddy Krieg , WT Deer

    Presidents Challenge Award( best panfish):
    Nick Saul , Bluegill

    Best Habitat,Walnut Creek Hardwood Award,Professional Division:
    Ron Johnson,WT Deer ,snow scene

    Best Habitat , Maters Division :
    Brian Banbury , Woodduck scene

    Van Dyke Award for most Original & Creative Presentation:
    Brian Banbury , Woodducks

    McKenzie Supply,Taxidermists Choice Awards:
    Whitetail Deer: Ed Piakowski Birds: Brian Banbury , Woodduck Drake
    Fish: Steve Jones , Northern Pike Lifesize Mammal: Henry Pfeiffer, Mountain Lion

    O.T.A. Peoples Choice Awards:
    Reptile: Bob Anderson, Lifesize Alligator Fish: Steve Jones, Northern Pike
    Bird: Brian Banbury, Woodduck Drake Lifesize: Steve Burgei, Lifesize Tiger
    Gamehead: Heath Cline , Zebra

    WASCO Award:
    Brian Banbury , Woodducks

    Best Professional Whitetail:
    Ron Johnson

    Best Professional Fish:
    Nick Saul , Bluegill

    Best Professional Bird:
    Jim McNamara , Emperors Goose

    Best Professional Lifesize:
    Matt Defazio , Bobcat

    Best Professional Gamehead:
    Heath Cline , Zebra

    Best All Around Taxidermist:
    Dan Clark , Texas Dahl Sheep, Javelina, Lg. Mouth Bass & Turkey

    Ohio State Champion Medallion Winners:
    Fish: Steve Jones , Northern Pike
    Bird: Brian Banbury , Woodduck Drake
    Reptile: Larry Kelly , Rattlesnake
    Gamehead: Dan Clark , Javelina
    WT Deer: Ed Piakowski

    Breakthrough Judges Choice Best of Show:
    Brian Banbury , Woodduck Drake

    Just a side note that you will notice there was no Ohio State Champion Lifesize Medallion winner. To win this prestige award that was hand sculpted and cast by Cary Cochran, you had to earn a First Place ribbon in the Masters Division. Cary decided awhile back that if there was no winner in any of the catagories, he would smash that Medallion / Medallions with a hammer and he DID during the awards banquet.