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Looking for wolf/coyote/fox tails.

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by nitsukiaoi, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    Looking for any length's and color's. Price range's from $5-$45 please.
  2. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    had about 35 coyote tails and sold them all about 2 fifty each plus shipping. took forever to find someone interested and fuinally sell them. now seems everyone wants them. well, I`ll have a bunch again next winter.

  3. Aktrpr

    Aktrpr Active Member

    I've got a couple arctic fox tails, at least one or two alaskan red fox tails, one or two cross fox tails and I think a wolf tail or two. Let me look around in the shop and see exactly what I have. These would all be raw salted and ready to be tanned. Are you interested in raw tails?
  4. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    I would like to have them tanned, but I can try tanning them myself when I get the stuff and area to do so.
    I use them for entertainment.
  5. Aktrpr

    Aktrpr Active Member

    Heres what I have.
    1 Frosted light grey wolf tail. Very heavy long fur. From a big male. $25 Raw salted
    1 Light grey Heavy long furred wolf tail. Also from a big Male. $20 Raw salted
    1 Dark Alaskan red fox back half from middle of body back including tail, very nice tail. $15 raw salted
    2 Arctic fox back halfs from middle of the back including tail. Very Nice Tails. $25 each raw salted
    1 Nice arctic fox tail. $15 Raw salted
    1 Very nice Alaskan cross fox tail. $15 salted
    1 Nice Alaskan Cross fox back half. Slight damage to the tail, but still looks nice. $15 salted
    1 Nice Alaskan silver fox back half. Some damage on the body. Small area of squirrel chewed fur on the body. Nice Tail. $25 salted

    Let me know if your interested in anything. All will need to be tanned.
  6. I've got Tanned Coyote Tails $7, Tanned BIG Ranched Fox (Platinum, Blue and White) for $20, Average Reds for $13, All Soft tanned and ready to ship.
  7. irishme

    irishme New Member

    pm sent
  8. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    Do you have pictures of the big ranched tails.
  9. [​IMG]


    The Silvers and the Whites
  10. jhits

    jhits Active Member