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Damn hunters, what is so hard...

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by D.Price, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. the god mother

    the god mother New Member

    file a small claim for refund...if he advertized as a profecinal he should know his biz,you do a claim i will bet a 1000% you will win i have seen it a thousand time's....
    sorry for the neg comment but hey we pay them hard earned cash ....why through it away.CORRECT.

  2. Dave H

    Dave H New Member

    I used to bitch about elk capes I got that were cut all the way down, covered with sticks and leaves and dirt, looked like a blind guy cut it. That was until i went to New Mexico Elk hunting and had to cape my elk at mid night, those damn things are real heavy and doing it in th edark with a little LED light makes it kind of tough. Now I understand.

  3. montana art

    montana art New Member

    On repeat customers that skin their own after I show them the correct way, next time I just sew up, don't worry about hiding the stitches and let him or her look at it to remind them. The next ones they bring are skinned out like a sock from knee back.
  4. ChoppTax

    ChoppTax New Member

    I had a Mule deer that the outfitter skinned out himself he said when I was on the phone with him. He hung up on me when I said how can you ruin a animal you just charged him 5k to hunt.
  5. dplais7124

    dplais7124 Active Member

    Re: Re: Damn hunters, what is so hard...

    I had a deer come in that was shot in Ohio and caped off the skull by the outfitter. Not only was the brisket and armpits too short but he used an "H" cut to remove the skull.

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  6. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    i would email the guide with photo's of the capes he screwed up.....i've done this over the years and got great results from them....if you don't complain directly to the cause of the problem your just spinning your wheels with telling the hunters
  7. LOL I spit my coffee on my keyboard...

    GLAD I'm not the only one. Stuff like that gives me the sweats. But when it's fixed I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    Not to keep harping with you guys BUT.... How about the freak-in tanners "sometimes".

    Coyotes missing tales. legs ripped by GOD knows what. love those spiral so jobs. and the toppers lips to tuck what lips.... face and eye tears lov'em.
    I gotta start charging MEDICAL PRICES.

    Good day gentleman..
  8. Martin

    Martin roes, my obsession, my fate

    Ok guys, now look at this one, Y-cut in front:

    Without words.......

  9. Martin what the hell were they thinking ???