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What makes a PROFESSIONAL Taxidermy tanner?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Rhino, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Wow. This thread is great. :p Some of you must not realize that threads like this give people opinions of the ones doing the posting. I never see Bruce Rittel on the forums slamming his competition. Maybe that's why so many people use his tans. They have nothing against him, so they don't mind buying products with his name on them.
  2. PLEASE Mr Moderators, don't delete this. PLEASE leave this here. I promise I will be as nice as I can. That is if he still wants to proceed with this.

    Iam waiting on his answer, whether he really wants to go there. I don't think he does. But we will see. Enough said for now.

  3. There is some perspective for you. Is EZ-100 still available? It is very similar to the submersible tan I use. Bruce and I even talked about it over the phone when I first got started. It had a great selling point in that it used 1/2 the product that I was used to using.
  4. Deletions are still available for up to 60 days in the archives through a court order. My sister, Angeline, has investigated this option through her status as Army Major with the Judge Advocate branch of Military Intelligence. She is currently working with the DEA as an Intel Analyst and she always recommends that we all just stay off this site. But in the long run, it is so entertaining to hear about the why's, wherefore's, what-if's and other mundane drame in the life of the American taxidermist.
  5. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    As far as I know yes, it is still available. But tell me something. Lets say I'm new to taxidermy net and I'm looking for information on tanners. I come across this thread. What do you think my opinion of some of the posters will be? Do you think I'm gonna spend money on their products?
    Sometimes I wonder if there's something in the chemicals you guys use that induces anger :D
  6. Looks like Aubrey pushed back!
  7. They are available forever in hard copy form in my filing cabinet. That's exactly why I just posted above, to have your facts and thoughts straight before anyone replies.
  8. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    They sure are Dee! I have all those negative TB posts also. I have a folder full of PM'S also, sent by some of your trusted friends.

    I asked you publically, and privately, for us to try to get along. You chose not to.

    I will publically offer ONE LAST OLIVE BRANCH, in an attempt to get along.

    You dont mention may name, make any insuations about me, and in general stay out of my posts, and I WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU!

    If not, fire away, and we can proceed to provide intertainment for these good folks.

    Thanks for the heads up Bob!
  9. Aubrey, I just offered you an "olive branch by not busting your a$$", with out asking, are you sure you want to go there. So don't turn it around on me to make the decision.

    If I type anything in the tanning section that you don't agree with, such as not home tanning african, you will take that as an insinuation that I'm blasting you. So you are pretty much telling me I can't post about tanning, because you are so paranoid that I'm attacking you.

    But if you are to afraid to make the choice, I will, Olive branch denied. "I'll be your huckleberry". Whatcha got biggon?
  10. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    Im man enough to make the decision Dee. I will let you save face here. I choose not to fight with NO ONE.

    Lets see what happens, and if you are a man of your word.

    I can have all the tanning discussions you want, and I wont make it personal, weather you disagree with me or not.

    Only time will tell if you can do the same?
  11. That's what I thought. Turn it around on me, so I can save face. :D You made the right choice because you had nothing on me.

    ...and by the way, my garage is bigger than your 12 X 12 storage shed you mixed your chemicals in, that is the ones that you didn't have dropped shipped straight from your supplier. But you did have a nice wheel barrel that you pushed them around in.

    ...and did you tell Rick Morgan thank you for hiring your a$$ back 3 times after you quit, and paying you thousands of $$$ and working with you putting you on light duty, while you were going through your medical issues?

    Thanks Rick for hiring me back after I had to leave and get away from all the drama such as we have here. :D

    I'm done if you are. :-\
  12. Very good David. We going to court?
  13. No we aren't unless you take time out of work to drag me in there. I told you once that I had said all I had to say on the subject. My entire point is that these quotes that everyone is so fond of can be totally fabricated.

    I do enjoy being able to speak my mind, so I certainly wouldn't want anyone else to lose that privilege.
  14. Ok, just checking, you do remember you have to take an oath that you are telling the truth so help you God?
  15. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    Im done too.

    Thanks for paying me over 80K per year plus bonuses, for being nothing more than a tannery employee!

    I also would would like to thank Tom Piewitz of South Texas Fur Dressers, for paying me about the same thing for 3 years!

    Whats somebody worth to a tannery, to pay them that much money? I think that speaks for itself!
  16. I think the whole thing between you and Aubrey was something I should have kept out of. I feel like you two need to hash this one out on your own from now on. I really am not going to involve myself in the matter because I was left feeling sad, drained, and remorseful the last time I spoke to you.

    But you do see my point right? These quotes are merely an activity in source coding and can be manipulated. I know about court oaths and all, but that didn't really hold water with OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony and both of those court cases were over murder, not liable or slander.

    I will see you in August at the NCTA. I am planning to bring my first comp piece I entered in the Amateur Division 3 years ago. I think that deer is so funny looking now that I am farther down the road in my taxidermy. But, that is the same for us all right? Humble beginnings and lessons learned.

  17. What does it say? :-\
  18. There is a post in the taxidermy Industry asking for old mounts to be brought back to the NCTA 30th anniversary. That was the reason I mentioned my first deer.
  19. But it will hold up on judgement day when we meet St. Peter at the gates of Heaven. I can't rightfully judge OJ, Casey, you or Aubrey, all I can do is answer for myself and I can do that.
  20. Lord have mercy! Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we are reminded that we have to forgive our brothers transgressions against us 7 times 70. Those who can't forgive can't be forgiven. I forgive all that has been done and said to me and about me. I can only hope that it is a two way street. I know I won't be sweating on the pew on Sunday morning.

    I'll see you in August D. Have a good one!