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Need new tanner - H & H Fur Dressing or Glacier Fur Dressing

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by FullCryHounds, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Been using Advantage Fur Dressing for many years with no complaints at all. Excellent tan and outstanding 30 day turnaround. Needing to find another tanner so any suggestions are welcome.
    Good or bad comments welcome. Send PM if you don't want to post publically. I'm in CO. so preferably something in the mid west. Thanks.
  2. I think TWG has a midwest pickup?? A lot of folks are going to H and H. They are good too.

  3. I'd tan my own before Id use TWG ever again. Ive been using H&H for a little over a year, even spoke with Mark today regarding some elephant ears they had a question about. Ive sent around 200 skins to them with little to zero problems. Good stretch, great customer service. Can't speak to Glacier, never used them. Ive also used Carolina with great results. Any good tannery will have turn around times that vary with the season. FWIW, I used Advantage for one shipment. The skins were full of holes, filthy and the box showed up dripping with water. It looked like they didn't even comb out the fur.