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FOUND soft mount: Fox coyote or small canine EDIT

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by nitsukiaoi, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    I know, I've seen arguements that soft mounting isn't technically a form of taxidermy. From what I know it is. TO me it's still a very unique way of showing off a trophy.

    I would like to own a soft mount. I'm willing to pay up to but not over $150( if higher I can pay in small amounts over a period of time).

    I am willing to wait for it to be mounted, and for everything.

    Email me message me here

    EDIT: I found someone to do it for me for a little over $100.
    Also I found a super plush Coyote from a friend.
  2. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Re: Wanted soft mount: Fox coyote or small canine

    I doubt you'll find any sort of mount for that price, the tanned hide by itself can go for that and higher

  3. skallet roseri

    skallet roseri needless to say!

    Re: Wanted soft mount: Fox coyote or small canine

    i would say i have a platinum fox from dave thats been soft mounted but he is $500+

    unless you can provide your own mountable pelt most people wont even mount something at $150
  4. Nightweaver

    Nightweaver Member

    Re: Wanted soft mount: Fox coyote or small canine

    Eee. Good luck. Like stated before me, most people don't even mount for $150.

    Cheapest prices I've seen are by people who are amatures just starting out and they are just in it to grab at money and do sloppy work, you get what you pay for. They usually start at $250 though for a small animal like a fox. Even then it's a gamble because you could get a beetle ridden pelt with holes drilled all in it, shoddy sewing and paste work,etc.

    If you happen to have a deviantart account I do know two people who are soft mount artists that don't charge a lot, but still do great work. I think they start at about $300 though.

    As for getting a really "high quality" trophy soft mount piece, like things from LittleMissDoeEyes, FoxyCreations and Leopardpaws on deviantart, you'd have to shell out $400 and up.

    I got my whitemark mounted from LP, she does amazing work but I had to fork over $450 for him, and that was from his second owner. (I think he sold for $550 originally.)

    Still, the best thing you can do is just look around for life sized pelts, cased skinned since most "plush artists" don't deal with other cuts (one I know will deal with any but most people prefer to have them cased)

    If you need any help feel free to PM me. :)

    (also I like rigid and soft mounts, I prefer soft mounts since I don't have space to have a bunch of rigids right now. however like you said there are those who hate the idea of soft mounts and will look down upon you for liking them,etc.)
  5. From what I have seen this Person is doing the best she Can. I think She is will come out real good in the End.