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What Kind of Animal is This ?????

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by BellaBordello, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    I seriously have no clue what this is......at first i thought the stripes were dyed, but they are not, there is individual white hairs in the undercoat
    Dog like animal......is this a dog? im a groomer and have never seen this
    Huge fluffy tail, and mohawk doen lower back, and also taller hairs going down front legs....
    SHORT legs.....no feet, but the fronts still have the little nub where the foot would start
  2. greenarrow

    greenarrow Member

    Looks like someones doggy!

  3. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    doesnt it??!!
    maybe some kind of wild dog from another country?
    like i said though, as a groomer, ive never seen anything like it
  4. Jdewitt27

    Jdewitt27 New Member

    Man it does have canine looks to it, but look at the length of the neck! Seems pretty long....weird!
  5. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    its a mythical creature !!
  6. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Looks like hyena? Nice Mt lion rug. and in California too.
  7. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    i just googled striped hyena.....had no idea they could look like that..pretty similar
  8. It is an Import from China, Dyed Domestic Dog. If you look at the way the pattern is on the body you can follow it on to the legs in nearly concentric circles. The pattern is Stamp dyed on. A good 6" or more is missing from the legs.

    It is similar to a Striped Hyena, (probably dyed to imitate it)but it just doesn't have the Thick mane/Spine fur typical of them OR the Semi Mirror image markings and darker Dorsal markings.

    Like this...


    Plus it does not appear to have the Large Relatively hairless/scarred up ears, but instead has ears more like a Dingo/Crossbred Domestic Dog.
  9. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

  10. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    your right about the ears being too furry though....so strange. i just dont think its dyed....i wish you were able to look at it carefully like i can!
  11. Look closely at the ears...

    IF you fold back on the color line (light and dark ) is there any area where the tips are dark but the rest is light? It really looks dyed from here..
  12. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    i looked at the ears, and most other dark stripes, the color goes all the way to the root
  13. Wolfie101

    Wolfie101 New Member

    looks like a dyed yote or wolf to me.

  14. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    it looks like a striped dyed chow chow!
  15. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

  16. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    That there is a domestic dog. No question about it at all.
    It's been dyed to look like a tiger.

    I've seen this COUNTLESS times in Asian countries during my travels.

    Here's a crapload of photos from other overseas travelers who caught people selling them on the street as 'tiger' and 'leopard' skins:






  17. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    Oh, and I just found this, as well: http://www.furrhjy.com/dog_skins_pelts_fly_tying_fishing.htm

    Shows that these aren't just normal dogs. They seem to be specifically bred for their fur, so they don't look like any dog breed we're very familiar with here in the USA. This would explain the ruff of fur on the back, and the length of the neck.

    But the killer is this right here: http://www.furyongsheng.com/en/furpelt/dog.html

    Tell me that's anything BUT dog! ;)

    (On a side note, the cougar comment was amusing because cougar parts are illegal in California)...
  18. Mink

    Mink New Member

    By the looks of the pictures I'd say it is definitely a dyed dog. Where did you obtain it? Since you're in California its entirely probable it was shipped right from China.

    Also, its not uncommon for dyed furs to be colored right to the roots of the hair. For instance, here's a coyote tail that I dyed, with red hair dye: [​IMG]

    The color is uniformly red down to the roots, but as you can see there are still a few normal colored hairs where the dye didn't quite "take". So it doesn't mean the fur was naturally bright red (or in your case, it doesn't mean the dog was naturally striped) it was just dyed in such a way that the pigment covered the entire coat from roots to tips.

    Hopes this helps!
  19. BellaBordello

    BellaBordello New Member

    i know its easy to dye, but every stripe goes down to the root. and the tail is so many different colors, with even white hairs throughout , i just dont see how that would be possible

    im gojng to take this thing it a local taxidermist to confirm. its really has crazy hair, i wish all you guys could inspect it here
  20. As far as the cat rug, I would be concerned about the table leg wearing a spot in the fur.