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BIRD OF THE WEEK # 34-35,Year 5

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Taxi-lover, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member


    Let's start a new two week period again!! It's amazing how the time flows...it's like yeaterday we started last time! Here in Finlan we have started a hunting season with pigeons and duck's...soon will start hare season and after that grousehunting...new work to us taxidermists on the way!! ;)

    From first week I've chosen a great duck group by GC!! CONGRATS!!!! Thats a really artistic piece and fine work all the way!! From second week I've chosen another duck group from KMA,CONGRATS!!! Many of you thought that this is the piece and I'm with you! I surely liked those pheasants by Tim too,but this just happened to be duckweek again! Those both are really great pieces with lot of work and effort!!!! :)

    Have a nice period in BotW,let's hope we have a great period again!! Thanks!!! :D


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  2. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    And KMA's piece...

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  3. AA

    AA Member

    Congrats Matt- Very nice
  4. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    Very cool mounts! I love the expressions on the two gaddys on top.
  5. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    beautiful woodies looks like an Audobon painting
  6. DropTine

    DropTine DSCN0137.JPG

    There was a lot of great work last week. I am sure they were hard choices J.P. You did good though Congrats to everyone. Mark
  7. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Thanks for supporting me...those are beautiful pieces and are well deserving the BotW title!!! Hard work pays at least little attention....And I'm sure those pieces get attention where ever they are....
  8. GC

    GC New Member

    Thanks JP! I'm glad people like the mount...it was a fun piece to put together. Gadwalls are beautiful birds that are too often overlooked since they aren't a bright, flashy bird.
    I will post one this week to go along with KMA's Woodduck theme....have a great week everyone. ;D

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  9. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Really a nice woodie!! Wow....
  10. ludvik

    ludvik beginner taxidermist :-)

    congrats and amazing works guys !!!!!
    nice choice JP ;)
    verry nice woodie GC :eek: :eek: :eek:
  11. alexm

    alexm New Member

    Congrats grate pic,s those are sweet woodies . :eek:
  12. babak

    babak Active Member

    great job every one,congrats winners!
  13. Awesome looking mounts - wish they were mine and in my man cave!!!
  14. Woddie here as well
    nice birds everyone.....

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  15. Jeez, that should say WOODIE,
    here is one more

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  16. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Exellent pheasant!!
  17. trm

    trm New Member

    went out last week
  18. wings II

    wings II New Member

    JP, Thanks for the pick Sir :)....makes it extra special to be picked alongside GC's excellent work. Hope everyone is having a great week. - KMA
  19. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    Just finished up this project last night. First swimming pose. I remember shooting this bird. It was first Goldeneye I killed. It was a long shot I normally dont take but it was a slow morning and he was by himself flying over water so I thought I would give it a try. I led him way out and in one shot he went down. Charlie, my first hunting lab went after him and duck started diving but ol' Charlie got him. Kept him in freezer to get mounted but after some time I decided I did'nt want to spend the money so I took him out of the bag and just threw him in freezer to use for a dog training bird. After about three years I started learning taxidermy myself and decided to try and salvage the bird. Anyway here is the result. May not be the best and sorry if story was boring but its kinda cool to me.

    First Goldeneye
    First Hunting Lab
    First Swimming pose
    First rock I made (bondo)
    First time to use ice in a mount

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  20. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Lots of "Firsts" but have to say you made it well!!! Really a nice mount!!