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How to build the BEST mounting stand you'll ever use.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by George, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    This is going to be dicey for me as it's the longest one I've done so far, but the intent is showing you how to make a mounting stand that's easy to use, many times by simply touching your mount and lifiting the muzzle slightly. No pins.

    First, the base. I did not include materials or instructions in the tutorial as you can probably figure it out by yourself. I constructed it using 1.5 inch square tubing with 5 legs , each 24 inches long. I used square tubing because it allowed me to put "extensions" on the legs. By buying 1 inch square tubing, it slid up inside the 1.5 inch tubing giving me a "footprint" of nearly 4 feet per leg. That will hold any animal you work on. The center post was made from one inch pipe.


    Now to the mount stand.


    Items you'll need is a sheet of 1/8 plate steel. I don't have a price on it and any plate will work if you have access to it. You'll need:

    1" x 6 ' pipe ($24)
    1.25 x 6" pipe (threaded) ($26)
    [email protected] 1.25 floor flanges ([email protected]) or you could manufacture them out of your steel plate
    1/" x 1" x 4' flat bar ($6.27)
    3/8" x 36" rod steel ($4.92)
    [email protected] 5/16" x 2" bolts and nuts ($.30 @)
    [email protected] 1/2" x 5" lag bolts

    1" clutch spring ($2.50)
    [email protected] 1/2" x 2" adjustable clevis pin ($1.99 for a 2 pack)
    [email protected] 1/2" x 5/8 "R" pins ($.99 for a 2 pack)
    1 4016V chain sprocket gear ($8.49)

    First, it's the manikin mount plate. As you can see, it's totally detachable allowing you to mount the plate on your manikin and THEN installing it on the mounting stand - securing it with an adjustable lynch pin and "R" clip.



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  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I apologize for doing this in sequences but I'm afraid I'll lose some of it during conversion.

    On to the rotational mount bar and swivel gear box.





    In retrospect, I wish that I'd cut the sprocket gear in half and used stop bars instead of the whole wheel. If I had, I'd have been able to position my mount within 120 degrees. On my model, the mount will spin completely around 360 degrees. The sprocket lock prevents the mount from falling, but if I get stupid and lift it too far, only the friction lock prevents it from "rolling over" and crashing down backwards. Some of you ingenius folks can figure out the stop blocks.


    As you can see, we welded a reinforcement block over the sprocket gear so that we could use a friction lock against the hub without chancing breaking the sprocket gear hub.

    On one model, I used a threaded knob for the friction lock but on the other stand, I used a simple "T" bolt through the "C" pipe holding the gear box so that it locked the "B" pipe with the sprocket gear.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    You may have to cut and paste my sketches on your photoshop program in order to enlarge them, but most of this is to whatever whim you choose. One word of extreme caution however. When you go to attach the "C" pipe to the "A" pipe BE POSITIVELY SURE that the sprocket lock is engaged and your "A" bar is PERFECTLY LEVEL. It will make setting eyes and antlers so much easier when your "A" bar can be set at a level position.

  5. jt

    jt Member

    Thank you very much George for your time and effort. Will definitely have to get one made.
  6. Galen

    Galen 218-263-7177 www.EdgewaterTaxidermy.com

    Thank you .
    looks like a really nice stand.

    .. some reason two of the pics are not working . anyone else have this happen ?
  7. George, looks great!. Instead of welding could I just use Bondo?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  8. strutinh

    strutinh Member

    THANKS GEORGE !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfect timing !! one of mine has just about had it,
  9. Thanks George, this will give my hubby something to do! :)
  10. dlivermore

    dlivermore New Member

    wow just saved me some money! thanks!
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  11. Nice article on Mounting stands! I will Give my attention to it soon.
    Thank you, George Roof.
  12. brelo

    brelo Winchester


  13. Tana M

    Tana M New Member

    That is great! Thanks for posting it
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