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Live Reference

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by fesekula, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. fesekula

    fesekula Active Member

    I had a crazy thing happen. I had just finished up painting a 22 inch skin mount large mouth bass late in the evening yesterday when I turned around facing a 55 gallon fish tank that holds a 10 inch L.M. bass that I have kept for reference for over a year now when he went totally loco on me swimming crazy like from one end of the tank to the next and trying to jump out of the tank. This morning I took the finished bass and set it down by his tank and he did the same thing but only faster. I moved the skin mount and now he is going just fine. One other thing I have learned from this little guy is if a minnow dies in his tank or If I try to give him a dead fish he will not touch it if it is not moving but if I give it to him moving he will snatch it up. So two things I have learned from him is that my skin mounts pass his, is it real or not test and don’t fish with dead bait. Now if I can just get my skin mount rock bass to pass this test I will be doing great. LOL.
  2. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Too funny Frank! I mounted a laying down fox once in the yard and when the dog we had at the time, saw it, she freaked out and ran off with her tail between here legs. In retrospect though it wasn't that great of a mount. The dog I have now would probably run over and tear it to shreds. My present dog once growled and growled at a reflective party ballon that blew into the yard and ran up to it and tore it to shreds. She also stalked some sun tea that was brewing on the deck. Too funny!