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Is the TaxiNet EXTREMELY S L O W or is it just me

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by George, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Alpinist, thanks, what a fix, super fast now.
  2. George brings up a good point. If many of us disable the outsidehubmedia.com ads then it will adversely affect the bottom line of taxi.net. This is only a temporary fix. The long-term solution is to find ways to serve ads that don't slow down the site, or to find better sources of revenue.

  3. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    super speed ;D can't insert quote though :-\
  4. ljones

    ljones 1994 wasco award winner

    from looking at Ken's profile he hasn't been online in a couple days can someone call him on the phone and let know about the problem
  5. Galen

    Galen 218-263-7177 www.EdgewaterTaxidermy.com

    Well I am on a Wild Blue satellite dish set up. Its faster then Dial up but it is only about 12 times faster . You want to talk about SLOW. I live with it everyday with this thing I would LOVE CABLE with Blazing Speeds like I would guess well over half of you have… But I am not sharing rain gutters with anyone to have it .

    I know I know
    you can still have a nice place with out sharing rain gutters to have cable . its just something I tell my kids and wife when they say its slow and they want to move to town . .. Some day I hope to have a better connection. streaming music and TV shows that would be great I am limited to how much we can use on my dish every month . If I go over they slow me down to Dial up speed . But its ONLY 85 bucks a MONTH . GEEEEEEEEEE WHAT a DEAL <<< I only have 1.5 Meg down load speed thats the fastest I can get with the dish up load is like 256 K I think.
  6. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Slow here. I had dialup for almost a decade so it is nothing I can't handle, provided it does not last forever.
  7. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Damn! is this the new norm? ::)
  8. I was considering posting this same question for the last couple of days, and have just now had the time to realize someone already has.
  9. NJTrapper

    NJTrapper Member

    I'm with George, would somebody please fix this thing?

    DROPPINEM New Member

    I sure hope not!!!
  11. Yep, I agree, the problem is obviously within the site itself, not with 33165 members' individual computers. In addition, I keep getting a little "Error on Page" icon every time I click on anything within the site which I'm assuming is linked to whatever this chugging issue is. Hopefully this can be resolved soon!
  12. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    slow,, 15 to 20 second delay between pages.
  13. backstapwillie

    backstapwillie 2011 Montana Bow kill

    Im having flashbacks of dial up!! :mad:
  14. Horrid slow here.

    I really hope for their sake that the fix this soon. It has to be costing them quite a bit in lost ad.
  15. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    If you disable java script it will interfere with other sites, for example you cant access Ebay without it. Since my wife is an Ebay power seller we cant afford that. Ken will have to take care of it here. I wont be on here much with the snail speed Im afraid.
  16. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I've been wizzing all over this site..........not literally :D ever since I did what Alpinist suggested with the Mozilla add on.
  17. I agree but you shouldnt have to mess with your settings to get a site to work.
    Do you think new viewers or visitors to the site will have that setting adjusted? When it takes 20-30sec to load new visitors wont wait. They will move on to the next site.
    Its kinda weird nobody official has popped in here to mention they are working on the issue........

    I really hope this isnt the new norm.
  18. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I agree. I was just letting the regulars know what I did for now. I'm sure this will all get fixed, and when it does I'll just go back to the settings I was at before.
  19. raccoon

    raccoon New Member

    The speed issue should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.
  20. Seems to be much better now.