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Advertising... Help!!!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by DentonTaxidermy, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I just started my taxidermy business and I am not very good on the advertising end of things. Where are some places I can go or hang a flyer at to promote my taxidermy business? I have passed out business cards, I make regular ad postings on craigslist, and we have a Facebook. Since I am just starting out I really do not have the money for big advertising like Ad's in the paper, or a fancy expensive website or anything of that nature. Deer season starts tomorrow so I am hoping to get some flyer's put out today! Any advice fellow taxidermist for a beginner? Thank you.
  2. Put your cards at places hunters/fishermen go. Outdoor stores. Bait stores. Pawn shops that deal in firearms. Etc.

  3. krusher167

    krusher167 New Member

    yeah and maybe u could work somehting out with a local processor and advertise there, it might even pay off to show a local butcher how to cape out deer correctly so they can help u get more business...
  4. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    Sporting goods section of Craigs list landed me a bunch last year. Word of mouth is my best friend.

    Another good place for an ad or business card is the meat lockers.
  5. After a while word of mouth is always best. Running ads and spending the time and money to chase to taverns and sporting goods store never really helped me at all. Slowly grow it and dont get wrapped up in any high dollar ads. My .02
  6. Thank you for the suggestions everybody. Every little bit of advice helps! :)
  7. You can make free websites on weebly.com that look proffessional, or you could make a online portfolio at carbonmade.com
  8. Thank you. I will look into that. Is the website easy to make?
  9. Yeah you use templates etc and can upload your own photos.

    If you struggle with them then there are probably lots of online help and tutorials: google is your friend!!

    For weebly, you can also buy a domain name for it so it comes across as a lot more pro.

    Hope this helps!
  10. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    I just checked out your facebook page. It looks like you have a good start. I would like to suggest that you look at your pricing structure. I know that starting out it is tempting to charge low prices to get folks in the door. The only problem is that you won't be making any money and you won't attract the right clientele. What will happen is you'll get tired of working for nothing and you'll lose those low price customers when you do decide to charge what your work is worth. Then, it will be like starting all over again. I've seen it happen a hundred times. You could easily charge $100 more on deer heads and still be competitive with other taxidermists in your area (not that I would let others' prices set mine). You can do what you wish, but I think the advice I have given is at least worth considering. There just is no money to be made on a sub-$300 deer head. The saddest thing to me is to see a talented taxidermist sacrifice his life and time with his family just so his customers can hang a cheap deer head on the wall. Please don't take this as a bash because I wish all my fellow taxidermists the very best in their endeavors.
  11. Best advertising for me has been the logo/business name/phone # and town on my truck cap windows (town is very important). For under $250 you can get a very nice professional job done on the 2 side and rear windows of your cap. Any time I'm out and about i purposely park my truck where many would see it. Folks will even write your number down when they are stopped at a light. Second best has been the small sign I have at the end of my driveway next to the road. You would be shocked at how many folks drive by your place and never knew there was someone local doing taxidermy-The sign was under $100. News papers and especially phone books are a huge waste of money. Most folks just price shop the yellow pages and work their way down the list. Hope this helps
    Mason Creek Taxidermy
  12. I donated a shoulder mount at the Mule Deer foundation and had some displays. I got some business which stated my clientele. I also had my tailgate wrapped with my business card and also seems to draw in clients. As you grow your biggest bang will be word of mouth. good luck
  13. nvbowhunter

    nvbowhunter New Member

    Put business cards and flyers up at your local grocery store they usually have a bulletin board by the entrance for advertising, advertise at barber shops, bars, feed stores or any other small business. Create a website customers want to see your work make it easy to navigate. Best of luck to you!

  14. Thanks everybody for all the advice!
  15. Re: Re: Advertising... Help!!!

    I would raise all your prices by about 100 bucks

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