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Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by duckmounter, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. love the pic nice yote. one day ill get the steel around ones paw. trapping if done properly is humane and a great management tool! i have released many non target catches from traps with no damage to critter.
  2. Kuro2091

    Kuro2091 New Member

    Beautiful yote. I don't see this picture as offensive and I'm part of the animal welfare ..."industry?" I guess you could say. I commend you for catching this yote being that they are pretty clever animals. It doesn't seem to be in a large amount of pain and it doesn't even seem to be defensive. From what I can see the tail is tucked and ears are up, its a less stress and more "WTF was that?", If it was in pain I would think it wouldn't be putting any weight on that foot. I assume the yote was taken care of shortly after and not left there for a long period of time. Coyotes are being hunted for good reason and I can't stand PETA and their need to stop hunting all together. Trapping seems like a fair way to do it, however I can't say that I ever have before. Great catch. I'm glad you shared your photo with us to see this neat little guy.

  3. peta or nobody but the man above will be able to stop me from huntin :). if hunting, trapping,fishing were stopped who would take care of the critters? keep there numbers healtty and balanced, and what about money from license sales that is used to create, restore and protect habitat. hunters and trappers are the real stewarts of the land. anyone that would want to take that away to "protect" animals is crazy and needs help.
  4. Nice looking coyote. Those leg hold traps don't hurt the animal. I caught my finger in one of mine this last season. It didn't hurt but it sure surprises you.
  5. Actually, it was in Texas. She wandered up from Mexico. She was a wild wolf,not a reintroduction. There are less than a hundred Mexican Gray wolves in the wild. They are nowhere near as numerous as the Grey wolf subspecies of Yellowstone and the northern states. No. She was not released, but honestly, I'm quite appalled by your comment. While I have nothing against hunting non-endangered species in humane methods, I find it incredibly offensive to be so insensitive to the cruel treatment Mystery got in addition to the fact that there are only about 40 of these animals left in the wild and what that hunter did was illegal since they are on the ESA so he's lucky they weren't able to find out who he was and report him otherwise his butt would be in jail for animal cruelty and breaking the Endangered Species laws.

    Honestly, I expected a little more respect of nature from you since many taxidermists I have chatted with online do respect the natrual order. Some people think it's cruel to keep animals in zoos,but if no one is willing to let us put them back where they naturally belong, then what are we supposed to do? Should we just let all the predators go extinct because no one wants them in the wild or zoos and then be overrun with prey animals depleting plants and whole ecosystems as result? It's that kind of attitude that caused the Tasmanian Tiger to go extinct.

    A wolf a vermin? Have you ever read up on the ecology of Yellowstone and how the reintroduction of them drastically changed the ecosystem for the better? Many scavengers depend on their left over kills for food, they keep coyotes in check by killing them, they fixed the problem of the exploding elk population, and they even indirectly help more aspen plants to grow, creating an overall more stable ecosystem.

    I know some wolves kill livestock,but that is not normally the case. There was an article in a Nat Geo magazine issue called Wolf Wars that had statisitcs about livestock killing that was supposedly done by wolves and most of them were confirmed to have actually been misindentified coyotes,feral dogs, or domestic dog hybrids with wolves or coyotes. As you may already know, most wolves live in packs. It's usually only a lone wolf that can't find a pack to join or was banished from its pack that kills livestock.

    Even though I love wolves, I'm not against hunting them IF it's done humanely, with respect, and not with hatred, fear, malice, or eradication in mind. I do not mind killing one specific wolf you catch killing your livestock,but to go out and massacre a bunch of random wolves that have probably never touched livestock in their lives is not only barbaric and irresponsible,but doesn't get rid of the problem if you don't happen to shoot the wolf that actually killed your livestock. Now, you still have that wolf plus a whole ton more coyotes attacking your livestock as well. This beautiful animal nearly went the way of the Tasmanian tiger in the early 1900s because of a government bounty and attitudes like yours.

    I for one would love to see wolves back in the South where they belong. It's a shame they are only in 5 or 6 northern states for the most part when they originally lived all across the continental United States,but because of irresponsible hunting efforts and government bounties, I will never get to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat unless I fly a plane up to Yellowstone or some random northern state wilderness since I've lived in the South all my life.
  6. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    Best part about leg holds when set proper is they don't damage the animal by breaking skin or bone and they can be released unharmed besides a numb foot for a little bit after they are released. This way if you catch any species you aren't allowed to kill you don't end up with dead bicatch that the dnr has to then deal with and dogs and anything else you aren't targeting you can let go.
  7. SD Cowgirl

    SD Cowgirl New Member

    Sorry but that cracked me up! lol I can only imagine! = )
  8. Yep and that's the way it should be done and the way most people do it. I was more just giving people an example of how what duckmounter did to the coyote is harmless, well other than the fact that he eventually killed it,but that happens in all forms of hunting regardless of if you use a trap or not , compared to what I have heard some others do. I am be no means saying what happened to Mystery is the norm. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Most trappers seem to respect their animals enough to atleast give them a quick,humane death.
  9. Our forefathers exterminated them for a reason. You are reading the wrong propaganda sweetheart.
  10. All the people that are offended by that photo of my yote need to go to the lifesize category and click on trapline pictures and look at all those trappers photos and feel sorry for all those critters to. Don't forget to make all your feel sorry for the poor animals in traps comments. I belive you will be typing for awhile. Like I said all that are offended probably should go to another site and get into a differant proffession. And next time I see any of you posing with a deer you killed or whatever hunting photo you are in I will make sure I point out how sorry I feel for that poor animal you just robbed of its life.
  11. It's not proganda. It's scientific facts studied by professional biologists and ecologists.