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BIRD OF THE WEEK # 38-39,Year 5.

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Taxi-lover, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    WOW. I haven't bothered with bird of the week for a while. I finally decide to check and see some nice bird mounts (which there are a few) and I'm reminded why I stopped looking in the first place.
    Thanks for the reminder.
  2. taxidermycollector

    taxidermycollector I am in Europe, sooo no need for Uncle Sam's regs

    No one was putting him down, just thought it was a waste of a bird, thats all

  3. Fair enough

  4. I would say that's a two way street, things that are over here are not automatically all easy and abundant to get over there and vice versa. My question would be for the birds posted up like birds of prey and some of these shorebirds, are these birds "hunted and shot" over there? I think that is where the difference between continents comes into play, here in the US hunters like to hunt and mount birds from their hunts. So if someone came by with an ibis that had choked on something it ate 99.99% could care less even if it were legal to possess. I personally enjoy the mounts as reminders of a good time hunting or trip, at the same time doing it from a game bird species collection aspect. I have collector friends from all around the world that I track down birds for, at the same flip of the coin have hunted with them on two continents to shoot some themselves. Just seems to be less "I shot them" emphasis but what does it matter in the end because collection ideals are like snowflakes and no two are the same. You guys get ducks we dream about over here, yea that's true to an extent, but these are mostly captive raised breeder birds. For me personally if I had a choice to have say a spectacled eider this month from a breeder or wait 8 years to be able to hunt one I would wait. This all goes back to preference so trust me lee, I have never been bothered by anything posted up ;D
    Anyway, I gotta get back to mounting some ducks to pay those pesky bills,lol.

  5. duxrus

    duxrus Active Member


    Everyone has their own preference and when it is "their" bird then they can do as they please. As most who frequent this post already know, some apparently don't have the "edit button" between their brain and mouth that most of us do. To me it is all about QUALITY whether it be a duck, tweety bird, raptor, or anything with feathers attached to it's butt. Poses are only preferences and nothing more. I like the scene you put together.
  6. JustinNH

    JustinNH New Member

    You made the best choice Eric, it came out great. It is not even my mount and I am offended by what some of the people say. Either say nice work or say nothing. Geeze.
  7. Thanks Brian and Justin (my DHC buds ;D), good points. Just took the tape off the birds for the coastal Peru strap that should be a great compliment to the mountain scene, now time to freezer tube the extras.

  8. taxidermycollector

    taxidermycollector I am in Europe, sooo no need for Uncle Sam's regs

    Seabirds can be hunted (Iceland) some parts of the UK / Europe by example

    Waders, the same

    Hawks / Birds of prey etc etc,natural causes, roadkills, breeding centres

    Small birds breeding centres, natural causes

    Game birds hunted

    Mostly they would come from breeding centres and or wild birds that die of natural causes. Yes we have hunters who will travel the world huntung, like me, North America, Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia, but most Euro mounts come from one or more of the category above and that is not a complete set of categories.

    So in conclusion some hunted but most are not. Perhaps another difference iis burden of proof in the law and bag limits. No bag limits in the UK, as far as I know and proof is "legally acquired", which applies to cities and non cities. USFW bag limits and MBTA which limits you severly as does not allow for burden of proof.
  9. lee tees valley

    lee tees valley tweety luvva.

    i dont collect or own any taxidermy ;D not my thing. i just like getting the carcass, stuffing the bird ,then sell it 8) this is my enjoyment ;) i like lookin at em for a couple of week's while their drying :eek: then goodbye, they are gone ;D they are just dust gatherers anyway ;D ;D i do a lot of shooting too. some birds crows , magpies, jays ect are kept as frozen stock,, the rest' duck's , pheasant, partridge ect are eaten by us or the ferrets and hawks get em,
  10. I normally don't like doing flying wood ducks because it takes away from so many great patterns and colors but with the wings stroking down it helps :D

    Nice speck cupped a little more intense to compliment another I did for the customer

  11. renjam33

    renjam33 First turkey

    Beautiful work AAR
  12. Jim McNamara

    Jim McNamara Well-Known Member

    I like that spec!!! Nice clean lines and flow.

  13. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    That eider is great!!
  14. Good job on the birds all.