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Price Checkers...

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by bullwhipcracker, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. :mad:
    "Ok...so how do you deal with the cold phone call of how much do you charge for...?"
    I know I am missing some opportunities here.
  2. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I give them the info they want, and tell them they can stop in and check out my work. If they show, they show, if not Oh well.

  3. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    If you just give a price and hang up you've lost them. I try to instantly strike up a conversation. 8)

    If they are looking for a price say for a whitetail shoulder mount, as soon as I give the price I ask if they shot it locally. If the answer is yes I ask what they shot and where they shot it. We know how everyone loves to talk about their kill ::) I hear everyone complain about hearing the story twice, when it was dropped off and when it is picked up :-\ Use that to your advantage to start a B.S session. Once you get them talking they will feel more comfortable and it gets them that much closer to your door. I always say to them look, if you want to stop by and take a look at some of my work your more than welcome to. If I get them in the door they will not go someplace else.

    They will probably make a few more calls but will remember the conversation more than the price. I dont have much of a personality but I can talk hunting and Taxidermy with the best of them! Sell yourself! ;)
  4. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Bill is correct....."people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care".

    Make them feel you care about their mount. Then the sticker shock is more soothing :)
  5. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Bill is dead on, and I do that everytime the phone rings. If I can get them in the door and they see my work, I have a new client. Most guys around here aren't looking for the cheapest price. If they are, they go down the road to "my buddy"!(LOL)
  6. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    Everyone is spot on here!
    Also, if they aren't local and seem like it is too far , just to come view your work. Let them know about your website if you have one. They can view your work, without leaving thier home. Folks love that option. We took in a couple last year, by having them view our site.
  7. Eric E.

    Eric E. Member

    I have noticed that if you show that you care about your potential customers and you are professional and personable on the phone with them that you might not get this years mount from them but after they get it back from the "better deal guy down the road" they will be coming in to your studio next time in many cases.

  8. gab

    gab Active Member

    I tell them they can go to my website or facebook page to look at work and to decide on a pose,plus price list is there also.
  9. Eric E.

    Eric E. Member

    Had it happen today after my first reply.....

    A gentleman calls and said I killed a 170 class deer and would like to get it mounted and asked the price. I give him the prices and he said thank you but before he could hang up I said that is a very nice deer (again) and I would love to hear the story of how you harvested it. Well he proceeds to tell me the story about the hunt and harvest and then about his family and so on and then said I will be in. An hour and a half later he is in and I ended up with a $525.00 job. He had checked out my work on our website sure but he came in without looking any longer for a taxidermist because he liked our work and that I showed a true interest in his trophy and his family regardless of if he came in or not.

    You will never go wrong by showing kindness and listening. Sure it is time and in business time is money but....................in the long run it is the solid relationships we build with our customers that translate into a successful business.

  10. Well...guess I need to work on that personality transplant. :)
    Thank you all very much for the input.
  11. Well...SMALL talk seems to lead to BIG things. Thank you guys!
    2 calls today, and 2 coming out after work for a look.
  12. yeah, about 3yrs ago i had a couple of friends /customers call, and asked me if i was in a bad mood, lol, i think we get caught up in the work and phones ringing off the hook, glue all over our hands etc.. and sometimes i just came across wrong
    started to think, if im answering my friends calls like that and dont realize it, who knows what others think, nobody wants to deal with a jackass, so i re-evaluated myself, developed a new attitude and changed my phone voice, LOL, yes changed my "phone voice"
    dont know if i lost business before, but at least i know now if i do its not because i dont gab with em a little and made me feel better about my approach
    another aspect is just merely being available, i always answer my phone, return VM's and answer my web e-mails, we had a local taxidermist run through some personal problems that put him out of business unfortunately, but instaed of calling his customers and explaining the situation, whatever it was, he didnt return calls, etc..... youve heard the stories
    fortunately we picked up alot of that business, and youd be surprised at how many said they choose us because we always answered the phone, and were informative and polite, goes a long way
  13. You guys are great!
    2 calls 2 customers. Both showed up, and both left as customers.
    Took in one sm 8 pt, and 2 Gator heads.
  14. Being such a band new taxidermist in town I'm always sucking the hind tits the last one who get the jobs.A client of mine(before i taking care of all his trophies) gave couple taxidermists in town a called but none of them answer their phones or even call him back so it my turn he called me ask if i can do Red Stag for him and how much a gave him all answers he wanted.He called back days later and came look at my works and liked what he saw he dropped 2 Red Stags and a fallow deer off .They are his and his brother. Last mouth he text me asked about how things going and said he got another 428"Elk for me.Last week he called while I'm driving i pulled over to Answer his call he said he going for a Moose hunt next week. Guest what I'll got a moose maybe two to do.Next year he going back to Africa to get some more trophies he did not get from last year and no happy about African taxidermy works.I grad i picked up my phone that day.