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Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by mantis, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. mantis

    mantis New Member

    please be honest, i need to know what i did wrong as much as what is right.
  2. mantis

    mantis New Member


  3. mantis

    mantis New Member

  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    Looks real good to me but I have never mounted a duck.
  5. JonHarleTX

    JonHarleTX Ya'll hear that. George just signed in. Quick Hide

    Is this one of your first mounts? If so.. you did extremely well..
    The list of what you did right is considerablly longer than what you did wrong.

    The main things that stick out to me would be.

    The Scapulars are slightly too far back and not attaching in the correct position. Actually, both wings may be slightly too far back.. See how the side pockets aren't full and covering most of the wing.. They are being pushed back by an improperly placed wing.

    The jowls of the bird could be fuller giving a more rounded face

    From the picture looked at the front of the bird.. I'm not quite happy with the support foot position.. It is in the correct place as far as center of gravity to support the bird, but the middle toe I feel should be angled more towards the viewer..

    There are a few grooming issues that will be learned with time, but honestly..This is a very nice mount.

  6. big al

    big al Guest

    I think you did a very good job.Keep up the good work.
  7. mantis

    mantis New Member

    the wing pockets are kicking my butt :mad: but i will figure them out. As for the head will caulk work for filling the jowels. Thank you very much for the info.
  8. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Heh,nice to see that someone else is working on a kitchen!!! But your mount...I think you did very good with that one. What Jon said is right. I think it's very well balanced mount and grooming is done pretty well!! If you keep mounts coming like that,you're on your way to really good bird taxidermy!! I've done only few waterfowls and no one of them had been better.
  9. RStanton

    RStanton New Member

    i think the combination of the base and one foot up makes me feel like it's perpetually about to tip over... the mount is pretty nice, otherwise, at least to me.
  10. to my ameture eyes i think it looks pretty darn nice
  11. Jimmy Rimrock

    Jimmy Rimrock Yeah, they come to snuff the rooster

    ditto Jon's comments on the scaps and wings. Work on getting a nice round, balanced silouete.

    I would have rather seen the bird facing "downhill", as it is, the foot pointing uphill on the branch looks a little unnatural. The last comment could be disputed with a matching reference photo, try to mount an exact pose from a photo. It will really make you concentrate and see "the forest from the trees". Lots of other good things show in the mount also. Keep at it, look at your ref, and get to a state show or two.
  12. muleyhunter

    muleyhunter Soulmates, Gods way of saying together forever

    I agree with the list of things you did right would be longer. The upper breast area before the joint of the neck could be a little fuller and rounder shape. Keep up the good work.
  13. Rick RR GBirds

    Rick RR GBirds Let's go kill some birds...I'm psyched!

    Tail feathers should have a tent look to it...They look flat to me. That's all could say, that hasn't been mentioned already. Nice job!
  14. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    As others have said its pretty good for just starting. All advise seems appropriate, the other 2 things that I see are pay attention to your breast area as it could have a more rounder and smother curve to it, also the feet need paint and should be filled if they are not, its hard to tell from the picture but i suspect they are not. Well done.
  15. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Oh by the way yes caulking may be used for the Jowel but sew the ears and any shot holes ffom the inside first or you will be sorry. I talk from experince.
  16. mantis

    mantis New Member

    ty for the tips, and i would have had stuff coming out the ears lol
  17. Bald Rock

    Bald Rock why get limits when you can get bands

    nice job, just curious do you make your own body or use styrofoam? If you make your own from excelsior you have so much more freedom to make recesses for the wings to insert therefor giving you a nice full effect on your side pockets. I find that so much more advantagous. the styro foam bodies tend to have not much area for the wings to rest and it makes your side pockets work to hard. the end result when the wings and scapulars are positioned correctly is that when you look directly at that bird straight on you should have a perfectly symetric circle shape all the way around the bird, with a slight rise on the back of the bird on top. This will occur as a result of the scapulars as JON noted being in correct position. Paint those feet also. If this is one of your first birds then you will be a master in no time.
  18. jamesa

    jamesa New Member

    Not much to pick on that hasnt already been said, Nice job!
  19. mantis

    mantis New Member

    this is the seventh bird and i learn so much from you guys that each one has been way better than the one before.Is there a dvd or vhs on how to wrap bodies? I have no idea as to were to even start. Also if i use a foam body will it hurt if i were to remove some of the material from where the wings set to get them tigher to the body.i rasp the body so that it has the same measurements in length and girth but havent tried hollowing the wing pockets deeper.
  20. Ho

    Ho Member

    One tip that helped me with the pocket problem was rasping them down. Most forms won't let the bones lay flat when they are wired in, without altering them a bit. The best illustration I saw was in a seminar, she rasped the back down so that a hot glue stick laid in the socket would lay flat down the back (like the bone should). Once wired in, without flattening, it jacks that wing bone up to high and screws with those scaps. One other tip to determine placement, the "wrist" should line up with the shoulder. Hope that makes sense in words and not pics. Good luck.