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The Month in Fish Pictures" ~Year 5~ October 2011 !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Nice work again from everyone! Really cool fishes!
  2. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Yeah, those dogfish and bowfin make3 neat mounts. Ever see any with lime green fins? I did a few times and found it was al in the mucous coat. Here is a guy that made me happy by placing his walleye above all his precious memorabilia. Giant 36 inch replica from Research. Another walleye and a redfish recently.

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  3. den007

    den007 Active Member

    missed that walleye

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  4. Nice fish everyone, Doug love that walleye!
  5. Bartol

    Bartol New Member

    Beautiful walleye Dennis!
  6. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    I posted this picture elsewhere on this site but I wanted to contribute (TMIFP) first lakers, 38" each, skin mount carved body cast head, I asked a couple guys on here for advise on the fish in front which dried very blotchy, their input helped a lot.
  7. Jason S

    Jason S New Member

    Beautiful fish everyone!!
  8. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Nice trout hambone. Did that paint schedule hellp at all?
  9. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    Nice Jackalope also Denny.......... ;D
  10. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    Good job on those Lakers Hambone ;)
    Fin positioning looks real nice!

    Jim F. I like those Kings...nice and shiny looking ;D

    Dennis, is it just my eyes... or is the eyeball on that top Walleye actually hanging out of the socket? :eek:
  11. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Can't take credit for the trophy jackalope....although I do create wooly walleye and rhino bass. Richard, I think it is an illusion about the eye socket. The fish came "ready to paint" from LCR and they do some nice eye socket work IMHO. Maybe it developed a dark ring around it when I Q-tipped all the overspray from the eye????
  12. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    Den, I just thought that it might have been an injury or something that the customer wanted put into the replica. It looks to me like the eyeball is hanging by a white membrane as if it "popped out" of the head entirely and looks to be hanging down by the maxillary bone.

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  13. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    Just finished up:
    Chrome Chinook Skinmount(repro head/real fins) and Golden Trout (made from Rainbow Skinmount(repro head/fins)

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  14. ryanstraw

    ryanstraw my first brook trout on a fly 13"

    Wow beautiful golden trout!
  15. bpkey1580

    bpkey1580 New Member

    I'm not a taxidermist, don't plan on being one, but I absolutely love this thread every month!!!

    I love looking at what you all can do and its truly incredible. Angling Artisan, that is one beautiful Golden Trout! Absolutely a beautiful fish.

    Everyone else, you all amaze me with your talents. :)
  16. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Rich...outstanding king and golden! Magnificent!!

  17. wishbone

    wishbone New Member

    good job hambone, they look great....hope i helped
  18. NOAH@aarrkk

    [email protected] Active Member

    Here's a custom mold/cast 23" rainbow
  19. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Richard Benedict....Where did you get that picture you posted on your second comment? My fish all have accurate and "outstanding" eyes and eye placement. (Get it....outstanding?).

    By God I know fish eyes, and here is a prime example. Taken from reference of every fish I have seen in the Bass Pro HOg Tanks.

    I think you need to see an optometrist!

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  20. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member


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