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Congrats Matt!

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by Kerby Ross, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    Congrats Matt on your iggie making the Home Page of taxi.net!



    Iguana skin mount by Matt Zimmerman of Denver, Pennsylvania, winner of the Second in World Reptile Title, a silver Carl E. Akeley medallion, and the Competitors' Award, Master Division First Place and the $4,000.00 cash prize at the 2011 World Taxidermy Championships held in St. Charles, Missouri.
  2. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Congrats on the homepage Matt. For those of you that don't know anything about Green Iguana's I can tell you from raising them that this one is absolutely fantastic. The reproduction head that Matt made is flawless and the color scheme he picked for this iggy made it pop at the show. Of course I am pretty partial to Iggy's but it was one of the 1st reptile mounts at the show that drew my attention and made me want to go look at it. GREAT JOB Matt and look forward to seeing you in 2013, unless you want to stay home that year. LMAO! ;D Congrats and well deserved!

  3. BearB8

    BearB8 Active Member

    It is pretty kool to see a reptile on the Home Page. Awesome work Matt. .........Jeff
  4. Very nice!
    Those big red ones are impressive.
    Kinda makes me want to walk to the canal and snag one!
  5. Congratulations Matt..!! Matt is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet..!!

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  6. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Beautiful mount. Nice job Matt.
  7. X2 Congrats Matt
  8. MattZ

    MattZ New Member

    Thanks guys, it is great to see a reptile make Home Page!!
  9. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Sure is.
  10. LRB

    LRB Member

    Congratulations Matt...!!!....

  11. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    It sure is. Come to think about it I think the only reptile I have ever seen on the front page besides yours now, have been from Simon Blackshaw! :eek: I'd say that is some pretty good bragging rights. ;) 8)