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Please help. Brook trout Reproduction.

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Slick, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    This is where I am so far. Not sure what to do next. I have the R.Krane DVD but I don't have the powders to paint like he does. Any suggestions?

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  2. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Nice vermiculations! You are almost there! For the mid body up to vermiculations......I mix trans. dark green, Paynes gray, and mist until I get the color of the reference. Spots....yellow ochre + white......white+any blue for the blue spots......blood red or mars red for tiny dots in blue. (some have a halo, but I don't get that picky for commercial work)

    Redden fins with a trans. red or light mist of gill red (most reds will do.)

    Seal fins.

    Add white and black stripe.

    Dark stripe along both sides of belly.

    I like to rub some gold, bronze powders into cheek area.

    Add vermiculations and lines to dorsal fin and tail. I use scale detail black lacquer.

  3. Not to state the obvious.My suggestion would be buy the powders.
  4. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    Thanks Dennis. But what color for in between the vermiculations on the back. I don't have the extra money to get the powders.
  5. spend some money... do it right... if your gonna do more fish ... heres a bone.!! good luck nice start.

    Joann's Fabrics online. When you register for the first time you get a 50% off code on any one item, that's $30 for the 32 pc. set of Pearl Ex Powders that he uses. http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp?CATID=cat510004&PRODID=xprd78764
  6. Monty Artrip

    Monty Artrip Active Member

    For the color in between the vermiculations on the back, I usually mix a medium trans green with a touch of blending brown. The darkest area of this is directly next to the vermics, slightly lighter in between. You can do this with a small brush if you are careful and get a good result. Looking good so far!!
  7. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    This is all I can do. It is finished. Unless there is more I can do.

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  8. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    First.....lets understand that we are all looking at a photograph and the actual work might look very different.
    Your blending of the colors appear as "Lines" for a lack of another description...IE. the vermiculations end abruptly when in fact the body spots work up into the vermiculations and appear as smaller and less defined as those on the back of the fish with round spots slowly melding.The color of the central body should drop down lower than the level of the pectoral fin butt and slowly disappear into the red/orange color and not appear as a delineating line. I always see black in the dorsal and tail around the vermiculations. Ventral and anal fins need to be toned down with a blush of black or dark brown at the bases. Also a general rule is that the blue and red spots seldom appear beyond the vent even though it can happen. Look at your reference. Hope this helps and is only meant as a helpful critique. Good luck....JL
  9. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    I found a couple of pictures that may explain my critique.
    Notice the black in this dorsal fin, and the dark spots on the skin are blue spots that appear as black. see how they stop ahead of the vent. Hope this helps. JL[​IMG][/img]

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  10. nswiken

    nswiken Well-Known Member

    For reference, I have posted many pictures of brook trout in the fish reference section under Various Trout pictures. These are smaller brook trout from a local stream, but the patterns are there. I hope they help.
  11. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Slick........overall, I think you did a great job. These fish are so variable. If you get a chance, check out the website www.bouldermoutainguide.com

    Great brook trout pics on there......also some great reference CD's with over 100 brookie pics on them. I stopped carrying them because of some differences with Steve Stoner, the photographer, but you cannot argue the quality of the pics. I think WASCO or now McKenzie may be carrying them.

    The color between dark, in my eye, is yellow ochre.

  12. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    Thanks for the commenets. If I ever do another brookie I will remember them. And I will look at mt reference more.