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lip problem

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by bulldawg, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. bulldawg

    bulldawg Member

    Ok so I jumped in and put together my first deer last saturday and was actually pretty proud that I got it done and have been keeping an eye on it since. Tonight I noticed that the lower lip has pulled a bit outta the slot. Any hope of rehydrating and fixing? Used Romans 555 for paste.
  2. gottahunt

    gottahunt New Member

    I think on here once someone said to put a wet sponge on the area for a while. It should loosen enough to make the repair. let me know if it works. Also that has happened to me in the past and I think it is caused from your lips not being thinned enough.


  3. If its not totally dry you can adjust it. If it is dry, wet a towel and drape it over it and keep it wet. Shouldn't take over a couple of hours to loosen up. On your next one make sure your tuck skin is thin, tuck your top lip, take a small roll of clay, the length of your lip slot and put it right below the slot. Tuck your bottom lip and work your clay up to lock it in. Then just blend the clay in.
  4. If it is not bad, you can fix it with apoxie sculpt and paint at the end.
  5. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    Yes, rehydrate and fix it. To rehydrate, I'd use some wet paper towels and place them along the lip line and then wrap that end of the muzzle with shrink wrap (or saran wrap). Let it sit overnight and you will be able to adjust the skin any way you want.
  6. bulldawg

    bulldawg Member

    thanks for the input. I am rehydrating now so I will fix tomorrow hopefully. And do a better job of thinning on the next one.
  7. James gave you a great tip/ i would also in the future make your lip slot smaller or tighter. i do use critter clay in the slot also . the clay for any other reason helps the holding power as it drys faster some times that the glue . use a rounded off old butter knife as a lip tucker instead of the store bought ones . you can get more push without pocking through the lip . if you get the idea . mark c