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You have to love those 750 or less elk guys

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by taflinger, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Must be something in the water around here to make taxidermists stupid. :D

    FIELD2FOREVER The more I learn, The more I don't Know!!

    Yep, I get $850 and nobody bats an eye at it. On a raghorn it's not bad, but on a 300+ inch 6 point with a 32 or 34 inch neck i'm getting killed at that price. I'm going up next year, there's a guy local thats doing them for $650, WTF???

  3. we have $500 guys around here and some even at $480. Same on hogs. Got a guy who is doing them for $350. I won't touch one for that price with a 10 foot pole. ???
  4. Tim, there are 2 others @ $675 and $690
  5. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    Come on Tim, get that price up at least $150 more. You Colorado guys coming to our show next year? It will be in Northern NM. (Taos) the end of March.
  6. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    If they charged $1100 they would not have gotten the job.

    FIELD2FOREVER The more I learn, The more I don't Know!!

    I wonder if my 650 and your 675 are the same guy, bet they are. It's just crazy, the amount of work that goes into one for 650 bucks, nut completely friggen nuts!!

    I hope so Geno, last year was my first show, and I had a great time, I hope to make it to more than just one this year!! On another note, I turned, Fleshed, and salted my first Javelina this weekend, do they all smell that bad?!?!
  8. Yep I cant believe it either. Got a local taxi friend thats charging $795 when I talked to him last I asked WTF man your worth more than that. Im $1000 closed mouth and nobody bats an eye
  9. gab

    gab Active Member

    it's not like any of you are losing a damn thing when that guy charges that.the customer paying that will not pay your prices,he'd just cut off the horns and nail them to the barn.I know and have met some 350 deer guys and 750 elk guys and they're some pretty decent people trying to make a living,and they don't whine about the other guy they just mount and are happy doing it .
  10. Major

    Major New Mexico.....Not much different than the old one

    Gab, that was about the best put post I've read. I charge $1,295 for OM, and people bitch all the time! If I charged $700 they might not bitch, but I sure would!!!
  11. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

  12. bowmantax

    bowmantax New Member

    I agree with GAB, in the small town where I live, my overhead isn't as high as the big city guys and I can make money at that and my customers wouldn't pay those real high prices.
  13. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    They all pretty much smell that bad Tim, did you remove the gland from the hide? I still think those damn coyotes smells worse than a Javi though.
  14. double shovel

    double shovel SilverWillowTaxidermy

    I am getting $1275 for elk up here in Canada plus another $100 for removable antlers plus another $100 for open mouth and so far no one has complained. Up here I pay $275 for tanning plus form and supplies plus shipping. No money to be made on a $700 elk head. I think my prices need to go up again.
  15. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    There is a market for everybody. As I have always said, there are basically 2 types of taxidermy advertising slogans. "Come to us for the best quality" or "come to us for an affordable mount!"

    It's just who you choose to advertise as. I'm not going to bust my ass for minimum wage, on the other hand some guys are just happy to be working.

    It all irons itself out in the end and as gab said who cares if they took it to the cheaper taxidermist, they wouldn't have paid your prices anyways.

    You never here Mercedes bitching that a guy who makes $20,000 a year doesn't buy a 500 series Benz and instead buys a Ford Focus, why do you care if a guy who can't afford you uses a different taxidermist?
  16. It doesnt bother me in the aspect of loosing the business it is the fact that they are working there azz off for a small paycheck. If your quality is good why charge considerably less than every other taxi in the area.
  17. Ron Kelly

    Ron Kelly Active Member

    The guy 5 miles from me gets $260 for an elk. Yep, you read it right. Moron thinks he makes money also.

    FIELD2FOREVER The more I learn, The more I don't Know!!

    I suppose, If you tanned it yourself, minus supplies and everything, technically you could "make" money at 260... lol
  19. No way hes making money at that price. Shipping and materials cost that much

    FIELD2FOREVER The more I learn, The more I don't Know!!

    125 for a form , 25 for a tanning kit, 10 for some cheap eyes is 160. Shipping, Bondo ears, hidepaste, thread, magic sculpt paint, ect broke out over a number of "high quality" mounts I think it could be done for under 260. Damn, I think I need to lower my prices, I'm ripping my customers off at 850.00 LOL ::)