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You have to love those 750 or less elk guys

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by taflinger, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. gab

    gab Active Member

    would you expect the same amount of money for wormy,small green apples in comparison to big red ripe apples?NO?With very few exceptions a 750 elk is worth 750.that is the market value for that mount and that is where that taxidermist is in his career curve.The biggest disservice that is done on this site is when a beginner or taxidermist with limited capabilities is told to go out and charge as much as established shops with experienced taxidermists.The guy pretty much gets smushed like a bug and the guy that gave them the advice moves on and is happy theres one less taxidermist out there.
  2. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I will not buy that " my customers are not rich" bologna,,, you should never pre judge what is in a mans wallet, you can not see in side of it. How he/she is dressed or what they drive is no sign on what they will pay for a big screen tv.

  3. Re: Re: You have to love those 750 or less elk guys

    It just amazes me how we all worry about everyone else's prices I don't care what anyone else is charging as long as I continue to charge what I feel my work is worth and customers continue to come through my door then who cares what everyone charges. I personally charge 850 for elk and 375 for deer does that make me a chitty taxidermist no it makes me competitive in my area considering deer go for 250-425 around here. As long as I make enough money to pay the bills and have a little fun on the side who cares besides all that I spend every day with my kids in my shop with me which is priceless in the first place and wouldn't be possible with a convention job. Sorry for the long post.

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  4. John Panter

    John Panter New Member

    And seemingly every time someone finds a guy doing work they view as too low priced they post it here.