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Revolution Taxidermy Supply

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by skinner26, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. skinner26

    skinner26 Active Member

    Has any one used any of Revolutions deer forms? I have been looking at using them and thought I would see what everyone thinks of them.
  2. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    We've used a few :D

    Really like em!

  3. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    I believe this was asked a few times here on the forum's, most if not all answers were positive. They are nice to work with and have many head options.
  4. skinner26

    skinner26 Active Member

    Sorry for the repost thin. And thanks.
  5. butterbean

    butterbean New Member

    Great forms with many head,poses & sizes.I have always been pleased with there large northern sizes for my Illiinoiis customers to the smaller sizes for tn deer.Great people to deal with.
  6. Big Tine

    Big Tine have a great day

    Great forms the ordering has been a mess for me in the past seems like there kids are taking orders but i love there forms for ohio deer.
  7. Boxie

    Boxie New Member

    ...and absolutely no problem fitting our Texas deer either!!!
  8. crittrstuffr2aol.com

    crittrstuffr2aol.com Making hunting memories last a lifetime.

    Nothing but positive results in my shop. Used quite a few of them they fit midwest deer like a glove.
  9. ladyarcher726

    ladyarcher726 2012: 1st & best of category

    I'm waiting for them to make a doe in the busted pose!
  10. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    Re: Re: Re: Revolution Taxidermy Supply

    i mounted a buck on one of those last year...and yes they are very easy going people!!

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  11. vary nice forms.had a problem awhile back with orders wanting to charge me twice about 3 months later saying it was never payed.went back and looked at the bank statements and yep there was the money they took out.nice forms though
  12. revolutionMan

    revolutionMan New Member

    Ladyarcher, I remind Brian often about the need for doe forms!!!
  13. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    They have some really good forms for our NY bucks too.
  14. I have only used a couple of them, they went together nicely and looked great when finished.
  15. Mounted a blacktail on one of the busted series forms last year and liked it. But currently they carry nothing less then a 7-1/8 E to N which makes it challenging to use on a average or small blacktail. In discussions with Rick they are working on some smaller forms.
  16. Love them!!!
  17. I just mounted on there forms for the first time this year and thought that they were great as well. southern Indiana has some good size deer also and they have been working out really well for me. I have had shipping problems myself with them but I always end up with what I need in the end and the people there were super to work with.
  18. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    I like them ;but hate the excess flashing from the mold,very thick and hard,have to use a knife to shave it off !
  19. Bill LaCoe

    Bill LaCoe New Member

    Yep, used the full sneak 71/2 on one ,turned out great, fit like a glove, NY buck
  20. guinea1

    guinea1 New Member

    Been using them for 2 years. very nice forms. I wont even use a mckenzie for a northern deer anymore.. Revolution fits them perfect