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Doves & Pigeons + Starlings & Sparrows

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by spectrumranch, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Doves and Pigeons- $10 ea plus shipping

    Can also ship live.
  2. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    is it safe to ship them live? it'd be nice to have a dove or two as a pet (i find the ones at pet stores to look sickly)

  3. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    We are an animal farm, so we ship alot more live birds than we do taxidermy items. Shipping is very safe and we usually do not have any problems shipping live birds thru the post office.

    Shipping ranges according to the weight of the box and your location.

  4. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    Do you have any pouters?
  5. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    Sorry no pouters.
  6. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    Working on returning emails and pm. With pheasant hunters here, prairie dog hunters here, chores, corn harvest, getting ready for our animal consignment sale next weekend and 1000 other projects............ spare time as been in short supply lately.

    I put down a few birds so I can get some estimates for weights on shipping.
  7. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Re: Doves & Pigeons

    Does it cost an arm and a leg to ship live?
  8. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    To ship between 2 and 4 birds is about $65 BUT that varies by where you are at. If you are in the midwest I should be able to ship by priority which is less. I am headed to the Wisconsin farm tomorrow so could meet anyone along I90 or I can leave stuff at the central WI farm to be picked up there, .........live or frozen

  9. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    I live in Michigan 48045 zipcode area, would it still be $65 JUST for shipping live? Still arguing with my fiance to get 2 doves and 2 pigeons as pets
  10. bearrug48

    bearrug48 Active Member

    Re: Doves & Pigeons

    Any White doves ?
  11. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    I have 2 fantail crosses for $15 ea.


    Have one White pigeon with a few dark feathers for $15
  12. Re: Doves & Pigeons

    Have a few more regular pigeons avaialble for $10 ea
  13. Re: Doves & Pigeons + Starlings

    I have two Doves in the freezer available yet.

    Also have European Starlings avialable $5 ea or $20 per five plus shipping.
  14. zifdenpants

    zifdenpants Member

    Re: Doves & Pigeons + Starlings

    PM sent on the starlings. Forgot to ask how many are available.
  15. Re: Doves & Pigeons + Starlings

    I have several:


    several buckets full.
  16. Re: Doves & Pigeons + Starlings

  17. I also have sparrows. $4 ea or $20/5
  18. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    how are you killing the starlings and sparrows?....using any poison?...and did you find me a blue bar yet
  19. Usually a hard crash into a wall. No poison, with thousands of live birds and animals we raise we don't use poision for the starlings and sparrows.

    Yes I have a Blue bar pigeon.
  20. Do you have any 'roller' pigeons?